ACT or SAT? 

Almost all colleges and universities accept both tests, as each serves the same overall purpose. But there are some structural differences between the two.

The SAT is essentially a three-part aptitude test (Reading, Writing, and Math), while the ACT is more of an achievement test with four core sections (English, Math, Reading, Science), and an optional Writing section. Please visit the ACT and SAT websites for test details.

Because some students find that they perform better on one test than on the other, it can be beneficial to take each test once. Then students can retake the test on which they received the higher score. Students test in the spring of the junior year and re-test in the fall of the senior year.

Taking the SAT at Oak Hill

We offer the SAT on our campus on various dates in the fall and spring of each year. For a fee, we offer a 10-session SAT preparation course prior to both the October and May tests. All families with receive registration forms for those classes in the mail. Additional preparation materials and information about the SAT can be found on the College Board website.

SAT Subject Tests

Certain colleges (but not all) require SAT Subject Tests. Students who are applying to colleges that require those scores must consider this when planning a testing schedule.

Subject tests are offered during most SAT test dates, but not all subjects are offered every date, so it is important to consult with the Counseling Office or the College Board website for details. Students may not take both the SAT and SAT Subject Tests on the same day.

Preparing with the PSAT

We offer the PSAT, a practice test for the SAT, each October for all underclassmen, grades 8-11. The results may be used to identify areas of academic strength and weakness, and to choose areas of focus in preparing for the SAT.

Students may sign up in the office or parents may contact the Counseling Office to register their students.

Taking the ACT at Oak Hill

We offer the ACT on campus in the fall and spring of each year. We do not offer a separate preparation course for the ACT, but preparation materials are available on the ACT website.

The ACT organization encourages students to take the most rigorous courses they can manage in order to prepare for the test.

Recommended Testing Schedule

  • Grade 12: SAT and/or ACT during fall semester, and in some cases can be taken as late as the spring semester.
  • Grade 11: PSAT in October. SAT and/or ACT during spring semester.
  • Grade 10: PSAT in October.
  • Grade 9: PSAT in October.
  • Grade 8: PSAT in October.

Details may vary depending on individual situations. Please contact our Counseling Office with questions and concerns about your student’s testing schedule.


TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is for speakers of other languages. For TOEFL information, please visit the ETS website or our International Student page.