Academic Support

First Tier

All students benefit from the foundational, first tier components of our system. They are organically derived from the structure of our school: Class sizes are small, our faculty is excellent, teachers know their students, and our teen peer culture focuses on accountability, success, and progress.

Office hours take place each school day, and any student in any class may use this after-school time to strengthen or enhance understanding. At the discretion of the teacher, a student may be required to attend office hours.  

Each school night, students observe supervised “quiet time” in their respective dormitories. Quiet time provides structure to evening hours. During this time, students may utilize their rooms or designated study areas to complete school work. Students who may need some assistance with coursework can participate in our student-led peer-study program, which is managed and supervised administratively.


Second Tier

More strategic in nature, our second tier of academic support is available for students through enrollment in our “Applied Learning Skills” (ALS) Course. This class meets daily. In the class, students focus on topics like self-advocacy, attentiveness, note-taking, organizational skills, time management and homework completion. The course helps establish the fundamentals of student success by instilling healthy habits.

learning support

Third Tier

Specialized third-tier academic support is available through our Learning Lab, where a qualified learning specialist oversees student growth and development. The specialist addresses each student’s specific support needs.

Students may be enrolled in the program based on prior documented needs, at the request of parents, or as an initial safeguard for new enrolled students.

Our on-site learning specialist, Martha Dacons, hones support efforts to meet individual student needs. She also collaborates with classroom teachers daily, often suggesting beneficial accommodations. 

Our academic support team also offers specialized support for students with ADHD and other learning differences. Hear from Martha Dacons on how we help transform student needs into student strengths.