Career Counseling

During this critical exploration phase, our staff use the latest data on educational and career trends. This allows staff to provide students informed and pragmatic options to meet their interests. And to learn more about their own areas of educational and career interest, our students work on self-interest inventories and take on guided readings. 

We realize how important it is that young people gain an informed understanding of the world they are about to enter as autonomous citizens. So our process reinforces this development phase and offers guidance at each step.

Parents and practitioners are key to this growth as well. Oak Hill relies on current and former parents, industry experts, and post-secondary educational partners to provide critical knowledge and resources. Doing so, they help answer student questions related to future paths.

Our students also take advantage of a range of learning opportunities during this growth phase. They learn about new subjects and professions and take dynamic and unfamiliar courses. To get hands-on experience, they register for unique summer opportunities, shadow professionals working in a career field of interest, and volunteer for different causes.

Along the way, self-reflection and community and peer feedback are integral to the growth and discovery process. Through each of these experiences, a student’s self-confidence increases. They gain an understanding of what their own path forward can be and how to forge that path successfully.