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Tuition and Financial Aid

Investing in your child’s future can come at a considerable financial cost.  Like you, we realize the importance of this investment.

Oak Hill Academy strives to keep costs affordable to as many families as possible, providing a feasible option to families seeking excellence in education and adolescent development.


(For students who are United States citizens or Permanent Residents)


TUITION 2018-2019*

Tuition, Room, Board, Fees                    $32,294#
#Students who are accepted prior to June 5, 2018, and who pay the reservation deposit by that date, receive a $750 tuition discount.


Tuition Insurance                                     $   2,422
Allowance Account Deposit                            660
Expense Account Deposit                            2,034
Uniform Fee                                                   1,475
Computer and Software Fee                       1,065

Oak Hill Academy is committed  to assisting families in their effort to secure a quality education.  To this end we offer several defined payment plans.


Tuition Refund Insurance provides a prorated return of tuition to the family in the case that the student is withdrawn from school for a variety of reasons.

Students receive a weekly allowance of $20 from the Allowance Account.

Items charged to the Expense Account include books and class fees, school field trips, sports team expenses, parent-authorized charges, and other miscellaneous fees.

Uniform Fee is a one-time fee for new enrollees.  Subsequent uniform purchases may be made on a per-piece basis.

New enrollees are required to purchase a laptop Computer and Software package issued through the Academy. For more information, see Laptop Program details.


Contact:  Rhonda H. Bowen, Director of Financial Affairs,




Financial Aid

Families interested in applying for need-based financial aid should contact for further information and to obtain an application.  Due to limited funds, financial aid is not guaranteed to all qualified applicants.


Loan Programs Available

Oak Hill Academy is working with the Sallie Mae Corporation and Your Tuition Solution, Inc., who offer loans to qualified applicants.  Click on the links below to begin the application process.





Mrs. Rhonda Bowen
Director of Financial Affairs

If you feel Oak Hill Academy may be a great fit for your student, we want to hear from you!  Please click here to visit our admission page and complete a short inquiry form to start the conversation.