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Warrior club initiative

At Oak Hill Academy, we are excited to be starting our new club initiative this fall! This initiative is focused on furthering student interests by way of small-group meetings with mentorship from faculty and staff.

Program Goals:

  • Solidifying our club program
  • 100% Student involvement
  • Student engagement with adults

We are thrilled that our faculty and staff will now have the opportunity to spend even more time in relationship-building, special interests, and engaging with students. Clubs will meet for at least one hour a week, between 4:30-5:30 on Monday afternoons. Several of our established clubs will meet at alternate times – these include: theater, youth, leadership, and broadcasting. There will also still be additional afternoon activities available in a non-structured format, including Frisbee, fishing, and baking.

Warrior Wednesday activities will continue as well, which will provide another positive venue for student activities in the afternoons. As in the past, Warrior Wednesday sign-ups will take place on a weekly basis.

Some of the clubs featured during the first quarter include: adventure, art, biking, film and television, home maintenance, horticulture, pickleball, random acts of kindness, recycling, social media, table tennis, weightlifting, and yoga.

We held a club fair early during our first advisory meeting, at which time students had the chance to check out the club offerings for quarter one. They then signed up for their top three choices and were placed in a club for the duration of the first quarter. Looking ahead to second quarter, we will have a new lineup of club offerings to choose from, and our first club day on Monday, September 4, was a huge success!

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