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Boarding School Summer Session at Oak Hill Academy is a Great Investment

Space Available for Summer 2017.   

Oak Hill Academy has served as the point of growth for generations of students looking to improve grades, get focused and change their trajectory.  Our annual summer session is often the starting point in that journey.
Summer Session on The Hill (June 19-July 21, 2017) is a smaller version of what we do well during the regular school year. Small classes, a relational and supportive approach, and a structured environment help students who are looking for a place to rebound after a lackluster year, or to keep momentum going forward.

Almost half of our enrollment during summer session are students considering Oak Hill Academy as a potential long-term option to address academic or growth issues.  The other half of the enrollment is typically current students looking to improve their grades by retaking classes from earlier in their careers.  As grades improve at Oak Hill Academy, it is not uncommon for our students to no longer be satisfied with how they’ve done in certain classes at their past schools.

  • Small Class Sizes  (average 3-4)  This presents a great opportunity for incoming students to get settled and to begin establishing the relationships they will lean on in the upcoming school year.  Classes are taught by
    our school-year faculty and the peer relationships that begin in the summer give incoming students confidence going into the fall term. The very small classroom setting in summer session also allows kids to hone in on areas of weakness and gain confidence through doing well.  It also allows our teachers to discover your student’s learning style and to develop effective strategies in working with your child–a huge advantage heading into the new school year.
  • Grade Improvement   Students can retake courses to either obtain needed credits toward graduation and get back on track, or for grade improvement to enhance college admission options.
  • Efficient and Productive Investment of Time   Students typically have a 150-hour course load, spread out over the five weeks.  This means they are in class part of the day and have opportunity each afternoon for fun, energetic activities such as hiking trips, swimming, and biking, and other recreation.
  • Structured Environment   Students are introduced to the structure and pace of life at Oak Hill Academy, where cell phone use and screen time is replaced with face-to-face relationships, and where quiet hours in the dorm each evening build good study and homework habits.  Our approach to technology puts things in perspective. Boundaries are set on phone use (limited to weekends) and internet access (no online gaming or social media access). The result is that life becomes less complicated and students become more engaged with the people around them and the tasks at hand.


To discuss more and to find out if our summer session is what you and your student are looking for, please contact our Admission Department at info@www.oak-hill.net or call (276) 579-2619.

Our application process is streamlined.

Prospective students must submit an application for admission along with two recommendation forms and official school transcripts. An interview and campus tour are also recommended.

Personal Recommendation 
Principal/Teacher Recommendation (see application form)
Transcript Release 


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