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Spirit Days at Oak Hill Academy

During the chilly days of February, Oak Hill Academy celebrates school spirit with Spirit Days! Boarding school spirit is a time-honored tradition that helps promote community-building and fun memories for our student body. Students compete in teams for the ultimate prize – a day off from school!

This year’s teams were grouped with the following faculty advisor team captains:
Grades 8, 9, and 10 with Ms. Bunn and Mr. Wymer
Grade 11 with  Mr. Barreda and Mrs. Dacons
Grade 12 with Mr. Lauterbach and Mrs. Cannon. 

To kick off the events, the teams got together to begin their banners and  assign team members to the event that best used their particular strengths. Soon after, the banner challenge took place, followed by OHS Olympics on February 10.  These Olympics included hockey shot, bean bag bocce, cookie stacking, limbo competition, water bottle flip, and basketball shooting challenges. OHA Idol on February 20, and the OHA Quiz Bowl on February 24 are two additional upcoming major events.

Throughout Spirit Days, the school also sponsored a variety of “pop up events,” including the ever-popular Hunt for the Golden Gnome and mystery events as well as the variety of games and activities below: 

Spirit Warrior Challenge, where teams collect change for charity

Student and Faculty Darts 

Jenga Challenge 

Checkers and Chess

Acorn Guess 

Remote Control Car Race 







As an added benefit, OHA included several “dress down days” in the schedule, when students could wear “spirit dress” instead of their traditional uniforms.  These fun days were as follows: 

Spirit Dress – Combinations of OHA gear in red, gold, black and white, February 10

Pajama Day – Best (appropriate) pjs, February 17

Jersey Day – Favorite sport’s team gear/jersey (Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, etc.), February 21

Twin Day – Match up with one or more people and all dress alike, February 26

Spirit days help bring the school together and remind us that we’re a community inside and outside of the classroom. Taking this time to have fun with one another, as well as learn together, creates camaraderie that resonates for the rest of the year. 

If you’re interested in the ways your child might benefit from the holistic residential experience of Oak Hill Academy, reach out to us for a conversation.

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