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President’s “Welcome to OHA” Picnic and Advisory Competition

by Journalism student AJ B. ’20

The crowd gets into the “Face the Cookie” challenge.

On Saturday, August 30th, all of the Oak Hill Academy community gathered in the Mississippi Pavilion next to Lake Samuella at Noonkester Park. Mrs. Groves asked a blessing on all gathered, and prayed over the food. Students, with the Senior Class leading the way, made a line to greet Dr. and Mrs. Groves. Dinner was a wonderful mix including a fruit and fresh spinach salad, regular and black bean burgers, corn dogs, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, chips, and watermelon or cookies for dessert. Owen C. ’22 said, “These cheeseburgers taste great!” Mike Hill ’20 added, “The bacon makes it better.”

Mr. A. Smith and Mr. P. Fisher lead their team in the door matching and word creation contests.

After dinner, everyone broke into 13 Advisory Groups for the team competition. Each team completed six contests with points awarded for each. In one contest, Dr. Groves walked around to each advisory table asking everyone to guess the amount of change in his clear gallon jar. This year’s jar had $296. Another game had two students from each advisory team tossing bean bags at the corn hole targets. Points were awarded for getting bean bags on the target or in the hole.

Raina and Sofia tackle the corn hole challenge.
Wendy crafts a Play-Doh bust.

This year’s competition included two contests related to the theme, “Opportunity.” A collage poster of campus doors required students to label each door with its location on campus. We know that each door is waiting to be opened and offers an opportunity. In a second contest relating to this year’s theme, teams used the letters in the phrase, “Embrace This Opportunity,” to create as many 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-letter words as required.

OHA Principal, Mr. Giszack, posed for students who created busts of him from Play-Doh.® Impressed with the artistic prowess of the sculptors, Mr. Giszack commented, “I appreciate the artistic creativity of the busts. All did a good job.” The traditional favorite contest of the night was the “Face the Cookie” challenge. Without using hands, each contestant must move the cookie from his or her forehead into his or her mouth. Once again, Brady J. ’20 took home the victory for his advisory team. This is his second year as Cookie Champion. The overall winners of the night earned the reward of not attending one Saturday School. This year’s winner was Mr. Pease’s Advisory.

Brady, two-time cookie champ, goes head to head with Mr. Conn

Advisory Competition Results

Guessing the Amount of Change in the Jar
 3rd – Combined Advisory Groups for Ms. Tobin and Mrs. Dacons
 2nd – Mr. Pease’s Advisory
 1st – Ms. Haas’ Advisory

Corn Hole Competition
 3rd – Mr. Duranko’s Advisory
 2nd – Combined Advisory Groups for Mr. Meagher and Mr. Massey
 1st – Mr. Pease’s Advisory

Campus Doors Picture Matching
 All advisory groups did well creating a virtual tie for first place

“Embrace This Opportunity” Word Creation
 3rd – Mr. Meagher/Mr. Massey’s Advisory
 2nd – Ms. Haas’ Advisory
 1st – Ms. Sargent’s Advisory

Play-Doh Bust of Principal Giszack
 3rd – Tie between Mr. Bunn’s Advisory and Mr. P. Fisher/Mr. A. Smith’s Advisory
 2nd – Mr. Hebold’s Advisory
 1st – Ms. Haas’ Advisory

Overall Results
 7th – Mrs. St. Cyr’s Advisory
 6th – Mr. Hebold’s Advisory
 5th – Mr. Meagher/Mr. Massey’s Advisory
 4th – Ms. Tobin/Mrs. Dacons’ Advisory
 3rd – Ms. Sargent’s Advisory
 2nd – Ms. Haas’ Advisory
 1st – Mr. Pease’s Advisory

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