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OHA school spirit

During the dark and cold days of February, there’s a bright spot at Oak Hill Academy… school spirit days!

These fun days are opportunities for the OHA students, and faculty and staff alike, to show their school spirit and to have a little friendly competition.

This year’s Spirit Day competition is centered around the following events:

  • OHA “Minute-to-Win-It”
  • OHA Olympics
  • OHA Trivia Bowl
  • OHA Oreo Challenge

Just like the popular TV show, OHA’s “Minute-to-Win-It” found our students scrambling to accomplish all manner of tasks in a one-minute time frame. From penny stacking to cup rearranging, Oak Hill students showed their enthusiasm.

Curling, anyone? Oak Hill teachers joined the action as each class raced for the gold in OHA Olympics!

The OHA Trivia Bowl gave students the opportunity to go head-to-head in a battle of wits and random tidbits.

For the Oreo Challenge, an OHA classic event, students enjoyed racing each other to eat an Oreo cookie hands-free . . . from their foreheads!

To keep the fun going, we also celebrated our favorite sports teams with Jersey Day.

Even though only one class can win the overall competition, we are all enjoying showing our school spirit. Go Warriors!

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