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Oak Hill Academy’s college articulation agreements allow students to continue equestrian pursuits

Oak Hill Academy caters to a diverse range of students, and our equestrian program stands as one of our most sought-after offerings. We are proud to serve as a premier equestrian boarding school for riders of all experience levels.  For many years, our students have relished the opportunity to engage with our horses, stables, expert instructors, and scenic riding trails, both on our campus and in the local vicinity. We also venture off-campus to showcase our horsemanship skills at regional competitions, making it a well-rounded equestrian experience. Our students delve into both Western and English riding disciplines. Students who own horses even have the option to board them here on campus, ensuring continuous opportunities to ride. For those with an enduring passion for horses, the Academy has cultivated partnerships, known as articulation agreements, with several esteemed colleges that offer established and reputable equestrian programs.

Oak Hill Academy has forged meaningful partnerships with about a dozen colleges situated in the mid-Atlantic region. The primary objective behind these collaborations is to provide our students with the choice to attend a college that aligns with their academic and extracurricular interests, much like the experience they’ve enjoyed at Oak Hill. Our students have diverse needs – some may require academic support, while others seek women’s or men’s colleges, outstanding athletic programs, or robust engineering schools. However, two of our partner schools particularly shine in the realm of equestrian programs.

Asbury College in Kentucky has been offering an Equine Program for over 25 years and recently introduced an academic major in Equine Science, including a pre-veterinary emphasis. To introduce our students to their programs, we recently had a representative from Asbury visit our campus. This provided our equestrian students with invaluable insights into the opportunities that lie ahead.

Oak Hill Academy remains committed to nurturing relationships with some of the finest colleges in the mid-Atlantic, and we take immense pride in these partnerships. We will persist in seeking out partners who can support our students in their ongoing pursuits and passions, extending well beyond their time at The Hill.

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