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Oak Hill Academy provides learning support for teens with ADHD

At Oak Hill Academy, our commitment to fostering academic and developmental growth is reflected in our comprehensive learning support program. Understanding that approximately 20% of American students grapple with learning, organizational, or attention issues, including ADHD, we recognize the critical need for personalized attention and reasonable accommodations. Surprisingly, only 6% of students have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), highlighting the urgency for effective learning support. Our approach addresses this mandate, catering to a diverse range of learners. In addition to supporting learners who may have an IEP or a 504 plan, Oak Hill Academy works with learners who don’t fall under a specified learning plan but who need extra support to assist in their education.

Embracing a three-tiered approach, our school’s structure offers different levels of support for every learner. At its core, Oak Hill Academy naturally provides assistance to many students. With small class sizes, supervised study hall, accessible faculty, and peer tutoring available daily, our supportive community propels students toward college acceptance and success. Rooted in Oak Hill’s DNA, these attributes empower emerging learners, allowing them to thrive with minimal additional accommodations.

For those requiring extra support, we offer the “Applied Learning Strategies” (ALS) course. ALS transcends traditional content, focusing on essential soft skills crucial for academic success—organizational skills, time management, strategic planning, self-awareness, and preparedness. As an integral part of our curriculum, ALS guides students in strengthening skills that support their executive functioning. Witnessing students outgrow the need for the course is a testament to their personal growth.

Learning specialist Martha Dacons on the support Oak Hill provides for students with ADHD

The third tier of our personalized academic support lies in the “Learning Lab”, where our licensed Learning Specialist resides. Tailoring interventions to individual competencies and needs, the Specialist collaborates with teachers, school administration, and parents to devise effective strategies for academic success. From creating common-sense accommodations to formulating alternative assessments, the Learning Lab ensures that each student’s unique learning style is considered.

Incorporating these elements of academic support, our commitment is to ensure that every student, regardless of learning differences, is well-supported in our classrooms. As they graduate and embark on their college journey, we are confident that our alumni carry with them habits of excellence cultivated within the nurturing environment of Oak Hill Academy’s Learning Center.

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