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Oak Hill Academy Boarding School Stories – Mr. Bunn Explains Meeting Different Learners’ Needs

Mr. Bunn has taught in the Social Studies Department at Oak Hill Academy for 26 years and has raised his family while living on the campus, located in Southwest Virginia.  He can often be found sitting backwards on a school desk, face to face with the front row of his students, engaged in an exciting story.  He’s always passionate about class.  He points to the fact that his classes are small and personal as a reason he still gets excited to cover material year after year.  For him, it is the relationship with the students and the ability to impact their study habits and personal growth that defines what he enjoys about teaching.

Mr. Bunn is known as a very demanding teacher who emphasizes that the little things matter–learning to take good notes, properly citing sources, and mastering the study techniques that work best for each student.  He enjoys “coaching” his students as much as sharing the material. His classes range from College Credit U.S. History to sophomore-level World History.  His involvement at Oak Hill Academy is not limited to the classroom, as he is also the Honor Court Sponsor and leader of the local Boy Scouts troop that often includes Oak Hill students alongside kids from the local community.  Please watch the supporting video to see what Mr. Bunn enjoys about Oak Hill Academy.


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