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How to plan for college



College planning is a process involving time management, establishing goals, and remaining consistently informed about application prerequisites.

These skills are taught to us as we navigate high school. Students in largely-populated schools typically have guidance counselors that provide them with information regarding college application processes during their late sophomore and early junior year.


How to plan for college

Planning for college can seem daunting. Students are expected to know which fields to study and master. There are tests required for applications. There are essays. There are unknown expectations. These are difficult to maneuver without guidance, but they can be easier.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re particularly skilled in English, take AP-level English courses and concentrations that will develop that skill. However, if you’re less skilled in math, consider grade-level courses and moving forward to AP levels when and if you feel comfortable doing so. Colleges take note of how rigorous your schedule is, yet a “C” in an AP-level course isn’t as appealing as an “A” in a grade-level course. It’s okay to pace yourself.

Take career assessments for ideas and inspiration regarding potential fields of study. You don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life in this moment. However, there are plenty of fields waiting to be explored. Taking career assessments will help you decide which field may be of most interest, and you can then focus on that field when ready.

Make appointments with a college guidance counselor. College counselors will assist students by providing information on prerequisites and implementing plans to meet those prerequisites. Additionally, college counselors provide support and fill in the gaps. Planning for college can be stressful, but talking to your counselors will ease the majority of stress. You don’t have to plan for college alone.


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