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How Do Parents Feel About Oak Hill Academy?

Unlike a public school or larger private school environment, Oak Hill Academy is small enough to offer your student personalized attention meant to support their specific learning needs. The average public school class size in Virginia and North Carolina is 21 students, while at Oak Hill Academy our average is just nine students per class.

While the numbers show how Oak Hill sets students apart, it’s the testimonials from parents that mean the most to us. Thank you for trusting us with your children.

“Oak Hill offers a very inclusive environment where all students feel accepted. The teachers and administrators do a great job helping each student find their niche and guide them in being the best person they can be. They focus on education and well-being, and the needs of each and every student are given great care. My nephew has thrived at Oak Hill Academy and we are forever grateful to the guidance and attention he has received!” – Julie E.

Not only does Oak Hill support the academic development of your child, we help them grow into the self-sufficient adults they are capable of becoming. Our school counselors oversee just 53 students, a stark comparison to the 328 student-per-counselor average in Virginia. With this kind of personalized attention, our holistic approach to your students’ development takes priority inside and outside of the classroom.

“Choosing a boarding school is a huge commitment and we are thankful we chose Oak Hill Academy for our son. The small classes and caring staff are a great fit for his learning style. The living and learning environment has allowed our son to grow and mature in multiple ways. While we miss our son when he is at school, the independence and confidence he has gained since being there is more than worth it!” – Michelle W

Overall, Oak Hill’s unique environment provides your student with something public schools simply can’t – the opportunity to slow down and focus on their education. Statistically, this pays off for our students’ long term success – 100% of Oak Hill Academy seniors are accepted to college, compared to 43% of Virginia public-school students, and 40% of North Carolina public school seniors.

“Oak Hill Academy has created a very structured, learning environment. Their system provides individual student motivation, utilizing an educational team approach. This rural mountain setting offering constant pastoral scenes, is simply a recipe for success. There are no city distractions, no shopping centers, no traffic, only nature at its best.” – Chris C.

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