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High School Boarding School for Academic and Personal Growth

Are you looking for a high school boarding option for your struggling student?  Do these struggles stem from learning differences or self-esteem issues? These types of internal battles can wreak havoc on motivation and success for any high school student, and they have very little to do with ability.

Oak Hill Academy understands that, and specializes in assisting the under-performing student. We recognize that a student’s ability to believe success is possible is key, even when entering our school with a transcript that might suggest otherwise. We believe that competency and confidence are nurtured best with a truly relational approach, developed in a structured environment that is strong on accountability. We strive to be the boarding high school that is known for its commitment to individual academic support and personal growth.

Here at Oak Hill Academy, we pride ourselves on being a catalyst for students’ growth in more than one area of their lives.  When admission criteria are discussed, several common points arise:

First, as a college prep boarding high school, we work with students in the classroom toward graduation and what comes next. Many of our students need academic support, and we recognize different learning styles and needs, including instruction in time management and organization.

Additionally, Oak Hill offers a tremendously supportive, structured, and relational environment in which to coach (non-therapeutically) personal, social and emotional growth in our students. Opportunities for engagement outside the classroom abound, giving students a chance to discover or rekindle special interests, passions or talents. That’s why we like to know about what your student has enjoyed beyond academics.

Finally, the most important factor in admission decisions is your student’s mindset when it comes to redefining themselves.  The admission process should involve some recognition of this opportunity on the part of the student. We seek to enroll those for whom we are a “good fit”, and by that we mean that our boarding school is growth-oriented, and is best suited for high school students who embrace their own need to mature.

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