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Faculty Feature Friday: Ronni Wood

Ms. Ronni Wood engages students by making learning fun! As an English teacher at Oak Hill Academy. her accreditations include a Bachelor of Arts in English from Concord University and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from East Tennessee State University.

Ms. Wood started her journey at Oak Hill in January 2021 as a Resident Manager in the girls’ dormitory and was responsible for promoting our community of inclusivity while assisting students with their needs.

This summer, Ms. Wood is combining her knowledge of Oak Hill’s mission with her background in English. Recently, Ms. Wood has helped engage her students’ writing skills by editing celebrity Tweets, developing and honing skills in an entertaining way!

Ms. Wood’s favorite part of working at Oak Hill Academy is seeing the students grow and evolve as individuals. “It’s easy to see them grow in the classroom, but I love seeing the changes in our students outside of the classroom as well,” she said.

In her free time around campus, you can find Ms. Wood relaxing in her hammock or spending time with her cats.

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