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Enrichment courses and recommended reading for OHA Semester Break 2020

Semester break begins on Tuesday, November 24th and will continue through Sunday, January 10th when students return to campus. Given the length of our time away, Oak Hill Academy will offer our students several enrichment opportunities over the break. Our faculty will be teaching four interesting short courses, each worth one-fourth of an academic credit. These courses will begin on Monday November 30th and conclude on Friday January 8th, and will offer approximately 35 hours of engagement time. Each of these optional courses will be appropriate for any grade level. Course options include:

                           1. Avoid Brain Drain: Academic Skills Strengthening with a Certified Learning Specialist
                           2. Spoken Word Poetry: Combining Literary Art with Performance Art as you Explore Your Creative Side
                           3. Financial Adulthood: A Realistic Case Study on Financial Independence and Appropriate Goal Setting
                           4. A Short History of Technology and Scientific Progress: From Ancient Greeks to Genetic Mapping

For information and registration, please contact Principal Giszack tgiszack@oak-hill.net

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Beyond these courses, we are recommending our students and parents acquire and read The Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices by Jonathan McKee. This volume is a timely and engaging primer filled with solid advice for today’s families. Our school community will discuss the precepts found in this book over the course of the 2nd semester as we strive to help our students appropriately navigate the wonders and pitfalls of our hyper-connected culture. Much of this book’s content will lay the groundwork for our future coursework in digital citizenship.

Todd Giszack
Oak Hill Academy

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