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How boarding school is the “invisible bridge” to college

When you think of boarding school, what do you picture?

For some people, they think of the stereotypes perpetuated by popular culture: restrictive, cold environments that only focus on studying and discipline.

For Oak Hill Academy and many other boarding schools, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

During our admission process, it’s crucial that a prospective student wants to be on our campus. We encourage prospective families to tour our campus and witness the community firsthand; we want our students to envision themselves on campus and to look forward to the idea. We promote a relational environment that focuses on interpersonal relationships and developing independence while preparing our students for college.

College preparedness: boarding schools vs. day schools

According to educationdata.org, 30% of college freshmen drop out before their sophomore year; one of the main reasons students drop out of college is because they feel “unprepared for the level of rigor of college studies” due to a lack of academic strength or structure.

Day schools, whether in a private or public setting, are unable to create the comprehensive level of structure and routine that boarding schools intrinsically provide.

Ultimately, our boarding school is like an invisible bridge to college. Just like they would in college, our students

Through maintaining routine, we provide a strong foundation for skills in independence. This is another advantage of boarding school.

As a community, we assist our students in developing these skills through routine and care. Teachers and other faculty live on campus, share meals with students, and offer 24/7 support. Students are held accountable in a nurturing way.

The skills our students learn at Oak Hill Academy prepare them for collegiate success. They understand routine and structure, the importance of time management and studying, and how to balance their social life while practicing healthy habits.

If you are considering boarding school for your child, we encourage you to research with diligence. Our Office of Admission can answer your questions regarding the research and application process. Even more, we can show you how our approach leads to success.

Schedule a call and begin your student’s journey toward collegiate preparedness.

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