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Alumni: The fruit of our work

Alumni are particularly important to us here at Oak Hill Academy. It’s easy to understand why when you consider that this coming school year will mark our 145th year. That’s a long time, with new students arriving and old students graduating each year since 1878.

Our historic past led us to eventually create our own museum on campus. Here, our hallways and offices are adorned with pictures of students from bygone eras. They are our lifeblood. In the end, staff members change, teachers retire, and buildings are replaced. But the students who lived and learned on this campus are forever entwined in the history and life of Oak Hill.

There’s a reverence that comes from attending a school with roots as deep as Oak Hill Academy. It creates a sense that you’re standing in some way on the shoulders of those who came before you. Our alumni want to stay connected to this place and to the people they knew here. This is where independence took hold, adolescence gave way to maturity, and the lines between “school” and “after school” faded away to the seamlessness and peace of life on the Hill.

True, most high school seniors are eager to get on with life after graduation, but things are different for the Warrior Nation. Memories of The Hill resonate deeply over time, and when the seeds planted here begin to sprout, our alumni come back, often with their own families in tow, careers and life stories on display. And when they get here, what they most want to remember is their time on The Hill—where they knew peace, experienced warmth, and learned about growing up in a supportive community.

Alumni: you’re important to us and we want to make staying connected easy for you. Oak Hill Academy has established a cloud-based alumni network on a platform called “Wavelength.” This platform offers Oak Hill alumni a straightforward way to connect and meaningfully network with each other.

So, if you’re an alum of the Academy (and there are thousands of you “out there”), we want to stay connected with you because you are family. Please consider clicking here: https://oakhillacademyalumni.searchwavelength.com/requestAccess to contact old friends and classmates, and to nourish the memories of your time here.

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