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A Fresh Start: Embracing new opportunities at Oak Hill Academy

As the holiday season approaches and year-end reflections take place, families tend to evaluate their children’s academic progress and overall well-being. Questions arise such as: Is my child flourishing academically and socially? Could there be a more conducive environment for them?

For those contemplating these pivotal questions, Oak Hill Academy offers a solution. We pride ourselves on our adaptive enrollment structure, welcoming students at various times throughout the year, ensuring they don’t have to wait for the traditional school year’s calendar start date to begin a transformative journey.

Embrace the New Beginnings of Spring

At Oak Hill, January signals not only the initiation of our spring term but also the welcoming of new students, eager to find their place and purpose. Our continuous enrollment ensures that students seeking positive change can effortlessly transition to campus without waiting for the conventional fall start date.

Families often wonder about the idea of mid-year school changes, apprehensive about the potential disruption.  Time after time, we have been part of such transitions, however, and attest to the fact that they can yield incredibly favorable results.

Similarly, students might have fears of integration—will they find friends? Will they adapt easily? Oak Hill’s close-knit community is our hallmark. Every new student receives immediate support from our community, facilitated by our faculty and bolstered by the support of fellow students. As Dr. Michael Groves, our Head of School, articulates, “Oak Hill’s unique charm lies in its ability to make newcomers feel instantly integrated, experiencing the Academy’s welcoming spirit firsthand.”

Seize the Opportunity with Continuous Enrollment

At Oak Hill, doors are open now for the spring semester, with opportunities to enroll at a variety of grade levels.

Why wait for tomorrow when there is the promise of a brighter future at Oak Hill Academy today? We invite you to apply now!

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