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Reopening of School at Oak Hill Academy

July has arrived, and with it, images of “back to school.”  These days, however, the thought of going back to school has taken on a whole new meaning as students and parents alike find themselves missing the familiar routine of daily life.  Families and educators across the United States continue to wonder: will schools reopen?

Although many schools are required to delay opening or to design hybrid options,     Oak Hill Academy is pleased to announce plans for the return to in-person instruction this fall.  We are a small, private school with 100% boarding and a distinctly relational approach.  More than ever, we will rely on this as we communicate logistical details related to the upcoming 2020-2021 school year with our families.

We are also a college-preparatory high school, equipping our students in grades 8-12 for their college years and experiences.  As such, we remain attuned to current best practices of colleges and universities, and are heartened to see many of these institutions announcing plans for the return to on-campus instruction this year.  Likewise, we are committed to providing a complete educational experience for our students.

As we move into our 142nd academic year, Oak Hill Academy would like to share our     five guiding principles, and it is no accident that this year’s theme will be . . . together


The safety of our students, faculty & staff, and the OHA community is paramount.


The mission and value of Oak Hill Academy is intertwined with the boarding experience.


Our location and 24/7 capability enable the creation of a family-like bubble on campus.


We have adapted our calendar and programs to enable an extended winter break.


We will seek and find new solutions as we redesign our campus gatherings.

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