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Oak Hill Academy is the college prep boarding school for students needing a reset, a fresh start, and an opportunity to change their direction.  I’m often asked why Oak Hill Academy admits students throughout the year.  The answer is straightforward:  Making a big change, such as attending boarding school, requires a difficult decision–one that is made with a lot of emotion, and, in many cases, reluctance.  And this decision is often made outside of neat, traditional deadlines.

Perhaps your student has not gotten off to the start that they (and you) had hoped for this school year.  There may be some angst at the reappearance of old patterns: distractions, peer group influences, family dynamics, or classroom environments that stand in the way of success.  You may be ready now to consider a new approach.

Oak Hill Academy is full of successful students who began with us beyond the traditional start dates.  These students have come to the realization that the right boarding school fit is an opportunity, not a punishment.  Our mission as a school is to offer a Turning Point opportunity through structure, small classes, relationships, and responsibility. This means that we are good at meeting students where they are, and helping them grow into stronger, more prepared, versions of themselves. That’s the Turning Point we talk about.

If you are considering or revisiting the idea of boarding school, this is a good time to look closely at Oak Hill Academy as a potentially great fit.  Contact our Admission Department at or call us at (276) 579-2619.