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For information on OHA’s nationally ranked basketball team (Gold Team), visit Oak Hill Hoops.

For a printable Gold Team schedule, click HERE.

For live streams and archives of OHA Home Basketball games, click below.

2019-20 Baseball Schedule & Roster

Schedule on HOLD for now. Thank you.

Date               School                              Location            Time

30   Mon.   Cornerstone Christ.      Abingdon, VA

3      Fri.      Rural Retreat HS           Rural Retreat, VA   5:00
6     Mon.    Mt. Airy HS                    Mount Airy, NC
9     Thu.     Cornerstone Christ.     Abingdon, VA
14    Tue.     Mt. Airy HS                     Mount Airy, NC
15    Wed.    Rural Retreat HS           Rural Retreat, VA   5:00
21    Tue.     Johnson Co. HS             Mtn. City, TN
28   Tue.     Providence Acad.           Johnson City, TN   4:30
30   Thu.    Johnson Co. HS              Mtn. City, TN

*6   Wed.   Grayson Co. HS JV         Independence, VA
*8    Fri.    Grayson Co. HS JV         Independence, VA


*To be confirmed
Schedule subject to change.
Updated 3.2.2020

Coach:  Mr. Jeff Johnson
Asst: Mr. Mike Burns


Mike Hill
Will Heard
James Siegling
Jack Zammit
Markus Malleschitz
Tyler Levine
Justin Banks
Phoenix Bailey
Will Holmes
Jonas Courtney
Alex Gray
Gideon Wepner
Anees Abdul-Raheem
Thomas Reid
Jordan Phelps
Tyler Gibson
Mason Bennett
Russel Solomon
Andrew Goodman

Tyler Getzelmann
Eren Ozcan

2019-20 Gold Team

2019-20 Gold Team Basketball Schedule & Roster

DATE                 OPPONENT   ____         PLACE        TIME

14    Mon      Massanutten Military   Floyd, VA      7:00
Scrimmage at Floyd Co. HS)

16    Wed        Bluefield College            Saltville, VA      7:00
                             (Scrimmage at Northwood HS)

22   Tue        Hargrave Military  Millers Creek,NC 7:00
                           (Scrimmage at W. Wilkes HS)

25   Fri          Franklin Prep, NC       MOW, VA      7:00

26   Sat         Atlanta Prep, GA         MOW, VA       3:00



1   Fri        Bristol Prep, TN                         MOW, VA    7:00 

2   Sat       Aim High Acad., MI                    MOW, VA   7:00 

5   Tue      Minnesota Prep, MN                  MOW, VA   7:00

8   Fri      Combine Academy, NC   Matthews, NC  7:30
                        Carmel Christian
 Tip Off Classic

9   Sat      Mt. Zion Acad., NC                      MOW, VA    7:00

12  Tue     Carolina Bball Acad., NC    MOW, VA    7:00

15   Fri       Crestwood Prep, Canada   Raleigh, NC  7:30
16   Sat      Grace Christ. School, NC   Raleigh, NC   7:15
                         Phenom Hoops Nat’l. HS Showcase

21   Thu     Washington Acad., NC      MOW, VA     7:00



4    Wed     Lakeside Prep, SC             MOW, VA      7:00

6    Fri       Teays Valley Christ., WV   London, KY   7:00

7    Sat    Covington Catholic  Highland Hgts., KY  Noon
                  –played at No. Kentucky Univ.

11  Wed     Combine Academy, NC      MOW, VA     7:00

12  Thu      Dorman HS, SC                   Ft. Mill, SC   8:00
                         Phenom Hoop Battle at the Rock
                         –played at Nation Ford HS                                 

13  Fri       Ridge View HS, SC                Columbia, SC  9:30
14  Sat      Keenan HS, SC
                     Columbia, SC   9:00
                                    Bojangles’ Bash
                          –played at Ridge View HS, SC

16-21  Mon-Sat Iolani Classic – 4 games  Honolulu, HI  TBA



10     Fri        Bishop Walsh, MD          Lexington, VA   6:30
                     Rock the Ribbon RoundBall Shootout
                          —played at Rockbridge Co. HS 

11   Sat     TRC Acad, Canada**CANCELLED**MOW, VA
13   Mon       Olympus Prep, NJ   
          MOW, VA   7:00 

16-18 Thu-Sat   TBA                 Springfield, MO  TBA
                  Bass Pro Tournament of Champions

20  Mon  Bishop Gorman HS, NV  Springfield, MA  3:00
                 Hall of Fame/Spalding Hoophall Classic
          —played at Springfield College, Springfield, MA

22 Wed  Florida Coastal Prep   MOW, VA  7:00

24    Fri       Opponent TBA                   Bristol, VA   TBA
25   Sat        Opponent TBA                   Bristol, VA   TBA
                              FCA Prep Showcase
                     –played at Virginia High School

27  Mon      West Oaks Acad., FL           MOW, VA    7:00

31  Fri         Bull City Prep, NC             MOW ,VA     7:00


1    Sat        Believe Academy, SC              Salem, VA 8:00
                       Adam Ward Classic @Salem VA HS

5   Wed      Franklin Prep, GA                  MOW, VA  7:00

8  Sat      St. Frances Acad, MD   Baltimore, MD   6:00
                           East Coast Bump–played at UMBC

11 Tue        Spire Academy, OH              MOW, VA  7:00

14 Fri     Believe Prep, TN         MOW, VA 7:00

15 Sat         TBA NBA HS Event**CANCELLED**

21 Fri         ABI Prep, GA                        MOW, VA    7:00

22 Sat     DME Academy, FL      MOW,VA     7:00

25 Tue        Lincoln Academy, NC        MOW, VA    7:00

28  Fri        New Faith Chris.,GA          MOW, VA    7:00

29  Sat        Liberty Heights, NC        MOW, VA    7:00
                             (OHA Senior Night) 

Note:  Schedule subject to change; updated 1/24/20.

Home Games in Bold


#0 Delaney Heard   6’2”/185 – Senior Guard

#1 Jamari Sibley   6’8”/175 – Senior Forward

#2 K.K. Robinson  6’1”/175 – Senior Guard

#3 Jalen Ricks  6’6”/180 – Junior Forward

#4 Darius Maddox  6’5”/168 – Senior Guard

#5 Evan Johnson  6’1”/165 – Senior Guard

#20 Jalen Reed  6’7”/182 – Sophomore Guard

#21 Emmanuel Okpomo  6’9”/216 – Senior Forward

#23 Darrick Jones, Jr.  6’5”/195, Senior Guard

#24 Cam Thomas  6’4”/190, Senior Guard

#30 Bradley Ezewiro  6’9”/255, Senior Forward

2019-20 Wrestling Team

2019-20 Wrestling Team Schedule & Roster


7  Sat      Hargrave Invit.      Chatham, VA @9 am

10 Tue    VA Episcopal Quad Lynchburg,VA @5 pm

13-14  Thur-Fri   Titan Toughman/Hidden Valley HS
                              Roanoke, VA @3:30 pm


8  Wed    Cannon/Southlake Christian/Wesleyan Christian
                Concord,NC @6 pm

10-11  Fri-Sat Ed Cressel Invit.@Virginia HS
                 Bristol, VA @3:30 pm

18  Sat     Rural Retreat Invitational
                Rural Retreat, VA @9:30 am

21 Tue     Foard/Patton/West Iredell

25  Sat      Crooked Road Duals
                 Independence, VA @9:00 am

28  Tue   Alleghany/Elkin
                Sparta, NC @6:00 pm

29  Wed    John S. Battle/Daniel Boone
                 Bristol, VA @7:00 pm


1   Sat       Appalachian Fasteners Inv.
                 Shady Spring, WV @9:00 am

14-15 Fri-Sat   VISAA State Championships
                         Doswell, VA   @TBA

21-22 Fri-Sat   National Prep Championships*
                          Bethlehem, PA @TBA  


Head Coach:  Dennis Wymer
Asst. Coaches: Gary Crede and Jeremy Cannon
Managers: Andie Schultz and Maria Lovett
Notes: Times designate start times.
Updated 1.17.20; schedule subject to change.
*Individuals must qualify at State Championships to participate.


Haley Vestri – 10th grade
Bridget Hoffman – 11th grade
Will Heard – 12th grade
Isaiah King – 12th grade
Caroline Piazza – 11th grade
Josh Ziegler – 11th grade
Mason Bennett – 8th grade
Gideon Wepner – 11th grade

2019-20 Volleyball Team

2019 Volleyball Schedule & Roster

3     Tue    App. Christ. Home Sch. Away@7:00

4   Wed     Alleghany HS               Away@5:00

10   Tue    Appalachian Christ.  Home@6:00

12   Thu    Wise Co. Christian    Home@5:30

16  Mon    Tenn. Ave. Christian  Home@6:00 

17  Tue     Cornerstone Christ.   Home@6:00 

24  Tue     Tenn. Ave. Christian      Away@6:00

26  Thu     Wise Co. Christian        Away@5:30


3   Thu     Appalachian Christ.        Away@6:00

5   Sat     Wise Co. Tournament      Away@TBA

7   Mon    Cornerstone Christ.         Away@6:30

10 Thu    App. Christ. HomeSch. Home@5:30

12  Sat    Appal. Christ. Tourn.        Away@TBA


COACH: Ann Brooks
ASST. COACH: Mikki Haas

Schedule as of 9.4.19 (subject to change)

Chloe Alario – 9th grade
Candace Drew – 10th grade
Eva Fennimore – 12th grade
Bridget Hoffman – 11th grade
Campbell Hunroe – 11th grade
McKenzie Kapp – 10th grade
Maria Lovett – 12th grade
Arthurline Mulbah – 10th grade
Jade Renaud – 12th grade
Andie Schultz – 11th grade
Haley Vestri – 10th grade

Mason Bennett – 8th grade



2019 Fall Soccer

2019 Fall Soccer Schedule & Roster
5   Thu      Ashe Co. HS**POSTPONED**TBA

11  Wed.   Ashe Co. HS                          Away @5:15

                            Providence Academy
Invitational (3 games) Away
13   Fri      Game 1 vs. Mtn. Mission               @3:15
Game 2 vs. Hampton Park              @5:45
14  Sat                                                                 TBA

24  Tue     Providence Academy            Away @5:00

28  Sat      WV Kings                             Away @1:00

30  Mon    Providence Academy         Home @4:30

5  Sat       WV Kings                            Home @1:00

7  Mon      Mt. Airy HS                          Away @6:00

9  Wed      Mtn. Mission School            Away @5:00

17  Fri       Hargrave**CANCELED**     Away @4:30


COACH: Andy Smith
ASST. COACH: Jeff Johnson

Ramsey Riddles – 12th grade
Clement Kimani – 11th grade
Alex Palmer-10th grade

Updated 10.16.19 (subject to change)


Anees Abdul-Raheem – 12th grade
Phoenix Bailey – 11th grade
Justin Banks – 11th grade
Francesco Brusadin – 12th grade
Thomas Cunanan-Reid – 12th grade
Amar Diouf – 12th grade
Jonathan Dumez – 11th grade
Lucca Giganti – 10th grade
Michael Hill – 12th grade
Josh Mosley – 11th grade
Emeka Nnamani – 11th grade
Shakeim Outten – 11th grade
Eren Ozcan – 9th grade
Jordan Phelps – 12th grade
Jervonio Rigby – 11th grade
Jesse Seemiller – 10th grade
James Siegling – 10th grade
Gideon Wepner – 11th grade
Josh Ziegler – 11th grade

2018-19 Baseball Team

2018-19 Girls’ Tennis Team

2018-19 Girls' Tennis Schedule & Roster
16  Tue     Grayson Co., VA, HS    Away @4:00
24  Wed    Rural Retreat, VA, HS   Away @4:30
1   Wed     Rural Retreat, VA, HS   Away @4:30
8   Wed     Grayson Co., VA, HS    Away @5:00 


Molly Williams 12
Kyra Souliere 12
Betele Ambaye 12
Natascha Wrona 12
Andie Schultz 10
Jade Renaud 11
Graham Patterson 9
Arthurline Mulbah 9
Stephanie Huntoon 9

Coach:  Ms. Ann Brooks
Manager: Danielle Higgs


2018-19 Boys’ Tennis Team

2018-19 Boys' Tennis Schedule & Roster

1   Mon     Ashe Co., NC, HS       Away @4:00
15 Mon     Ashe Co., NC, HS       Away @4:00

(Matches with Alleghany, NC, HS canceled due to rain.)

Guobin Huang 12
Simon Sun 11
Aidan Sullivan 9
Alan Baidalo 10
Paul Molay 10
Andy Rosen 9
Alejandro De la Barreda 11

Coach:  Mr. Sid Finklea


2018-19 Red Team

2018-19 White Team

Fall Soccer 2018 Schedule

4   Tues           Mt. Airy, NC,  HS       Away @6:00

5    Wed          Ashe Co., NC, HS       Away @5:15 

7-8 Fri-Sat   Mtn. Mission Invit.       Away**CANCELED** 

11   Tues        Ashe Co. HS              Home @5:15***CANCELED***

13   Thurs       Alleghany, NC, HS     Away @4:30**CANCELED**

15   Sat           Mt. Airy HS               Home @2:00**POSTPONED TO 10/10**

18   Tues        Providence Acad.    Home @4:00

25   Tues        Mtn. Mission            Home @5:00

27   Thurs       Providence Acad.      Away @4:30**CANCELED**

29   Sat           WV Kings                     Away @1:00


4    Thurs        Alleghany HS           Home @5:00

8    Mon          Mtn. Mission Sch.      Away @5:30
9    Tue           Alleghany HS              Away @5:00

12  Fri            Mt. Airy HS               Home @4:30

13   Sat           WV Kings                   Home @1:00

Coach:  Mr. Josh Doan
Updated 10.15.18; schedule subject to change.

2018-19 Cheer Team