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OHA Sustainability builds awareness (psst..the reusable water bottles are in)

OHA Sustainability


OHA Sustainability

ABOUT:  The 2016-17 Oak Hill Academy Leadership Group is working on creating a new program that aims to make waste reduction, preservation of resources and recycling efforts an even bigger and more intentional part of the Oak Hill Academy campus culture. Over the course of the year, we will be introducing the program one focus at a time. Our first focus is waste reduction, in the form of paper and general recycling efforts that will be extended into the dormitories. Our second focus will be on reducing food waste in the dining hall.

Beginning in the second semester, the Leadership Group will highlight water consumption in the school community, with a goal of reducing wasteful use of disposable plastic.  We also plan to set our sights on reducing energy waste.

Creating an orientation program that will serve to instill a culture of sustainability on campus with future students is also one of the group’s objectives.

As you may have heard, the 2016-17 Leadership Group launched the Oak Hill Academy Sustainability Initiative to cultivate a campus culture of responsible use of resources.  The initial phase of introducing recycling efforts to dorm life have proven successful.  As a follow up, the Leadership Group distributed water bottles to the student body to discourage our use of disposable water bottles that are prevalent on so many campuses.  Thanks to our Athletic Department’s relationship with Gatorade, we were able to provide high-quality, branded bottles for our students to use throughout the day and as part of campus life.  We appreciate Coach Smith and Gatorade for their generous support of this project!  A special thanks also to the Leadership Group for continuing to shape our mindfulness about responsible use of resources at Oak Hill.

Students in music class recently take a break to hydrate using the new bottles!