Student & Faculty Stories

Andi’s Journey of Growth & Independence

Mallory shares how she has grown and become more independent since coming to Oak Hill Academy.

Mallory Reflects on Building Connections

Student Mallory shares the best things about boarding school—having your closest friends right down the hall, and developing strong bonds with each and every teacher.

What Landon Has Learned in Five Years at Oak Hill

Hear from Landon about his journey from 8th grade to graduation and how Oak Hill Academy helped him achieve his college aspirations, with acceptances to multiple top universities, including the Engineering Program at Texas A&M and a Presidential Scholarship from Texas Tech.

Mr. Berreda on the Benefits of Small Class Sizes & Community

For Spanish professor Carlos Berreda, hearing his students speak Spanish every day in class is incredibly rewarding. Oak Hill Academy offers unique teaching opportunities and a close-knit community like no other.

Chase’s Story of Personal Growth

Listen to Chase as she describes her academic and personal growth growth and the great options she’s opened up for herself by becoming involved at Oak Hill.

Carritah’s Story of International Student Success

Listen and watch Carritah, as she explains her successful 4-year journey at Oak Hill Academy and the opportunities that await her upon graduation!