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Student Leadership

Oak Hill Academy has a multifaceted student leadership program consistent with the Academy’s philosophy and objectives. The program promotes responsibility to fellow students, fosters an appreciation for the democratic process, develops responsible, creative, and learned citizens,  and encourages students to function in leadership roles. The goal of the program is to assist students in maximizing their potential by encouraging them to discover their abilities to lead.

The Leadership Program provides development opportunities in five main leadership groups:  dorm assistants, peer tutors, ambassadors, Welcome Warriors, and Honor Court members.  Students participate in an interview and screening process in order to be selected for membership in the Leadership Program. As other opportunities for enhancing student growth arise, new leadership positions are added.

Dorm assistants support the Resident Managers in the dormitories–ensuring the efficient maintenance of routine and structure in residential life.  Peer Tutors offer academic assistance to fellow students who may be struggling in a particular subject area.  Ambassadors assist the Academy by providing personalized tours for prospective students and families. Welcome Warriors are experienced students who are appointed to assist newly-enrolled students, giving new students designated peer contacts during the settling in period.

Oak Hill Academy has a campus-wide Honor Code for dealing with serious ethical infractions. The Honor Code is reviewed and implemented by a student Honor Court, with oversight by designated faculty and administrators.  The committee consists of five to six students chosen by the administration for their citizenship, and who have demonstrated sound ethical and moral judgment.