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This summer Oak Hill Academy invited a group of returning students to come back to school early for 2018-19 to participate in a one-day leadership training program.  More than twenty students accepted the invitation, and shortened their summer vacations to return to Oak Hill on Thursday, August 23rd.

The leadership training included seminars lead by Mrs. Groves, our Director of Counseling; Mr. Rodgers, Director of Admissions; and Mr. Butt, the Director of Student Affairs.  Students learned how to support their struggling peers, how to navigate conflict and confrontation, and how to be effective ambassadors for the school.  Students also participated in team-building activities to emphasize the necessity of good communication, relationships, and trust.  We finished the program with a relaxing evening grilling and swimming down at Noonkester Park on campus.

Over the next two days these student leaders did a wonderful job checking in and guiding new students as they arrived on campus.  Student leadership continues to be an important part of our program – mentoring and guiding peers in the dorms, developing character initiatives around campus, and establishing a positive climate.  We look forward to seeing their impact on our community throughout the year.