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by Tobi Salami ’20, 21st Century Journalism

Mr. Pease and his cast of wacky characters.

The third in this year’s series of Spirit Days at Oak Hill Academy occurred on Wednesday, February 20th. It was “Wacky Tacky” dress down day as well as Trivia Bowl competition day. Students, faculty and staff came to school in their wackiest attire. Some showed up in mismatched clothes and shoes, and others came to school dressed in various funny get-ups. The Wacky Dress gave the school a very comic atmosphere, with people complimenting each other on their degree of wackiness.

The Trivia Bowl game this year was called “Brain Drain.” It featured questions on a wide range of topics including sports, pop culture and science. Three students and a faculty representative comprised each team. Teammates rubbed minds and came up with answers.

Twists were added to the game this year which the student body found very exciting, as they made the game more interesting. One twist was that each team had to choose a member to lose after six questions. Christen Reeves ’20 stated, “The twists to the game made me a lot more involved in cheering on my class because I wanted them to win regardless of the twists.” Another twist was a special lifeline for each team called “the Drain.” This allowed teams to throw one question down the drain, which meant that no one, even those who were right, got any points.

After an intense competition, the juniors and seniors were tied for first place. A tiebreaker followed which challenged each team to name as many OHA campus buildings as possible in one minute. Mr. Hill announced the results this morning during homeroom:  the juniors placed first and the seniors second. The sophomores earned third place, and 8th/9th graders came in fourth. Following the game, Will Heard ’20, a junior team member, said “Though some of the questions were challenging, with the help of my teammates, we came out successful.”

At this point in the Spirit Days challenge the sophomores are leading the pack with 38 points; the juniors are close behind at 37; the seniors have 34; 8th/9th grades have 31. There are still points up for grabs next week, so it’s still anybody’s game!