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Residential Life

Residential Life at Oak Hill Academy offers many programs that help students fulfill their potential beyond the academic setting.  Our dedicated and experienced staff live among the students in dormitory apartments and provide supervision and counsel in the after-school hours.  Our goal is to provide the requisite structure and support for the social needs of all of our students.  Because students are not permitted to meet members of the opposite gender unsupervised, Residential Life Staff plan numerous supervised social events and settings throughout the year.  Divided into a “male side” of campus and a “female side,” Oak Hill operates five traditional-style dormitories that house approximately 150 boarding students.

Residential Life Curriculum

Our Residential Life Curriculum addresses many topics related to student well-being and development.  The curriculum is adjusted according to the age and gender of the students.  Topics include:  respect; avoiding “drama;” healthy relationships; living together; trust; and many other life skills.  Students gather for Residential Life Curriculum each Monday night at 8:30 p.m.

For more information, contact the Director of Student Affairs Aaron Butt at, Dean of Boys Luke Peace at, or Dean of Girls Ashley Smith at


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will I have a roommate?

A.  Most boarding students live in double rooms.  Williams-Berry Hall provides senior boys with an opportunity to live in single rooms.  Returning seniors are given first choice in room selection.  The Dean of Boys and Dean of Girls carefully select students as roommates–matching similar interests and personalities.  Returning students are permitted to request their roommates for the next year.

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Q.  Where do I eat?

A.  Oak Hill Academy provides meals in our Dining Hall three times daily.  We offer a hot bar (with a variety of choices), a salad bar, and deli bar.  On Sunday mornings we serve a continental breakfast in the residence halls.

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Q.  Is there a place where I can buy snacks to eat during my free time?

A. The Campus Store is open Monday through Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.  The store offers various snacks, beverages, microwaveable foods, as well as toiletries and school supplies.


Q.  Is there a specific time when I have to do my homework?

A.  The residential life program conducts a nightly “Quiet Time” which starts at 8:30 p.m.  Students are required to be in their rooms during Quiet Time in order to complete homework assignments and study for tests.

QWhat time do I have to go to bed?

A.  “Lights Out” is observed at 10:30 p.m. for underclassmen and 11:00 p.m. for seniors. On weekends all students observe a later time for “lights out.”

Q.  If I take medicine, how is that handled?

A.  Oak Hill employs two nurses, who regularly distribute medicine at meal times and in the dormitories at night.  The nursing staff monitors student health regularly and is available throughout the day and is on call during the night.  Parents are informed of any medical issues that may arise.  The Academy also provides a well-equipped Infirmary on the first floor of Vaughan Administration Building.

Q.  What is there to do on the weekends?

A.  There are many activities available to students on the weekends.  OHA publishes a campus-wide schedule that lists activities for the weekend.  Activities typically include:  open gym, socials (mixers for girls and boys), off-campus trips with teachers and resident managers, sporting events, dances, and (several times each semester) “Warrior Nights” that offer opportunities for off-campus activities (e.g., movies, plays, college sporting events, etc.).

Q.  Will I be able to go home on the weekends?

A.  In order to ease the adjustment period for students living on “the hill,” students are required to remain on campus for the first four weekends of the first and second semesters.  Throughout the year, there are selected “open weekends” wherein students may travel home.

Q.  Who cleans the dorm rooms?

A.  Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.  Resident Managers inspect rooms daily and require students to have clean rooms prior to participation in any extra-curricular activities.

Q.  Do I have any other type of chores in the dorm?

A.  In order to promote social responsibility, all boarding students are assigned “dorm jobs.”  Based on a rotating schedule, chores consist of sweeping, mopping, cleaning, and taking out the trash.  Students also practice personal responsibility such as doing their own laundry. There are laundry rooms available for students in each dormitory.

Q.  How do I stay in touch with people from home?

A. There are several ways to stay in touch with family and friends.  If students want to communicate through email, Oak Hill provides an email address for each student.  Although Oak Hill Academy permits only limited use of cell phones on campus during the school week, landline phones are provided in all dormitories for student use. Following the first 4 weeks of the school year, students are permitted to use their cell phones on the weekends only. Students may also send and receive mail and packages.

Mr. Aaron Butt
Director of Student Affairs

Mr. Luke Peace
Dean of Boys

Ms. Ashley Smith
Dean of Girls