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2019-20 OHA Red Team Schedule

  OPPONENT                            SITE     TIME
17  Thu         2 Scrimmages                          AWAY      5:30
vs. KACHEA @5:30; Providence Academy @6:30
                        at Johnson City, TN
25  Fri           Franklin Prep (NC)        HOME   5:15
26   Sat           Carroll Co. Scrimmage        AWAY      1:00
                       -played at Galax Rec. Center   

1    Fri            Bristol Prep (TN)           HOME    5:30
2    Sat           Aim High Acad (MI)    HOME     5:15

9    Sat           Mt. Zion Christ.(NC)   HOME     5:30
14   Thu          Carlisle School**CANCELED**
                              Hargrave Mil.(VA) Tip-Off Showcase – 2 games:
15  Fri             Hargrave Military (VA)       AWAY       4:30
16  Sat            Norfolk Christian (VA)        AWAY      11 am
21   Thu       Washington Acad (NC) HOME     5:30

3   Tue         George Wythe HS (VA)          AWAY        7:30
4    Wed       Graham HS (VA)**POSTPONED**       TBD
6    Fri          Gate City HS (VA)                   AWAY        7:15
11  Wed      Combine Acad(NC)**CANCELED**
13   Fri          Walsingham Acad (VA)        AWAY        7:00
14   Sat          Peninsula Catholic (VA)      AWAY        2:00

10   Fri        TPLS Christ.**POSTPONED**

11   Sat         Elevation Prep (NC)      HOME     3:00
13   Mon      Olympus Prep (NJ)       HOME      5:15

14   Tue          Roanoke Catholic (VA)       AWAY        7:00
17   Fri           Bristol Prep                  HOME  7:00
22   Wed        Blue Ridge School (VA)      AWAY        6:30
25   Sat           Elevation Prep (NC)            AWAY        3:00
31   Fri          Bull City Prep (NC)        HOME     5:30

1    Sat           North Cross School (VA)    AWAY       4:30
Adam Ward Classic @Salem VA HS
8    Sat          Fuqua School (NC)            AWAY        2:00
5   Wed         Franklin Prep (NC)       HOME     5:30
11  Tue          Spire Acad. (OH)**CANCELLED**

12  Wed         Graham HS (VA)                 AWAY     7:15
14   Fri          Mtn. Mission Sch.(VA)HOME     5:00
15   Sat         East Side HS (VA)               AWAY    3:00
22   Sat         Washington Acad**CANCELLED**
26-28 Wed-Fri  NACA Tournament, Dayton, TN

Coach – Steve Hebold
Asst. Coach – Mike Burns
Asst. Coach – Clif Conley

AJ Burrows
Tyler Levine
Justin Mauney

Note: Schedule subject to change.
Updated 2.24.20




2019-20 OHA Red Team Roster

NAME                               GRADE

Tre Chatman                        11

Thomas Reid                       12

Markus Malleschitz             11

Owen Chen                          10

Jack Zammit                        12

Anees Abdul-Raheem          12

Paul Molay                           11

Eren Ozcan                            9

Mike Hill                               12

Amar Diouf                            12

Susheel Vishwa                      12

Justin Banks                           11

Clement Kimani                     11

Francesco Brusadin                12






Visit Coach Hebold.  Check out videos of games by clicking on the OHA Events button below and going to the Red Team’s “On Demand” Playlist.

Oak Hill Red Wins Back-to-Back NACA National Championships


Today’s post is a recap of the fantastic 3-day experience at the National Association of Christian Academies (NACA) National Championship our Red Team had last week. While the season is not over, this tournament represented a main season-long goal.  Please read on to see Coach Burns’ report:

 Every high school basketball team begins the season with certain goals that the team would like to accomplish. This may be improving on last years’ record, obtaining an above five-hundred record, or winning a district/regional title. For the Oak Hill Academy Red Team the goal from the start was to defend their 2016 NACA Division 2 National Title.


On Tuesday February 21st, 2017, the Oak Hill Red Team departed campus in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, and traveled, along with an 18-1 regular season record, to Dayton, Tennessee, for the 2017 NACA National Championships. The official start to the tournament was Wednesday morning at the Fort Bluff Camp, home of the National Association of Christian Athletes.


The Oak Hill Red Team would play two games on Wednesday with the first being at 11:30 am against Riverdale Baptist “B” from Maryland. Oak Hill struggled early in the game but was provided a spark when senior Camden Hughes checked into the game. Camden’s timely shooting and energy allowed the other players to gain confidence, finishing the game with a score of 62-51. Scoring from the game: Oliver Lynch-Daniels 22; Camden Hughes 15; Graeme Majors 12; Donovan Saine 6; Akrum Ahemed 4; Aidan Stenner 3.
The second game on Wednesday featured Oak Hill Red vs. West Oaks “B” from Orlando, Florida. During this game the Red Team began to reclaim their defensive identity that made them exciting to watch during the season. Team defense allowed Oak Hill to win 55-31, and finish the first day of games with a 2-0 record. Scoring from the game: Oliver Lynch-Daniels 13; Josh Hall 12; Graeme Majors 11; Aidan Stenner 6; Alex Stenner 4; Akrum Ahemed 2.


Wednesday night all the teams in the tournament gather at Fort Bluff Camp for a Christian speaker, and the message is very important for all who attend. This year’s speaker was the World Famous Crevier Family, known for spinning basketballs and other amazing tricks. The family became known to national TV audiences when they were finalists on “America’s Got Talent,” but their true goal is spreading the Gospel and character development through the audiences they attract.  Our athletes were challenged to continually be champions of their attitude and to not be ashamed of their personal faith.

Thursday morning came early for the Red Team with a 10:00 a.m. match-up against Combine Academy from North Carolina. Typically, morning games are offensive struggles and strong team defense is even more important. The Red Team answered the call and quickly put to rest any question if they would play for another National Championship. Final score, Oak Hill 78, Combine 49. This win guaranteed the Red Team a spot in the National Championship game and the ability to defend their title. Scoring from the game: Oliver Lynch-Daniels 17; Akrum Ahemed 11; Josh Hall 11; Donovan Saine 10; Damani McEntire 10; Camden Hughes 6; Aidan Stenner 4; Umberto Brusadin 4; Graeme Majors 3; Shamar Henry 2.


Once again on Thursday night all of the teams at the tournament gathered to listened to a different speaker, Tony Eubanks. Eubanks shared with the athletes, coaches and others in attendance life stories that inspired, challenged and ultimately made everyone serious about their faith. While the games are what everyone focuses on, the speakers are an added bonus to a competitive tournament.

Friday was Championship day and the idea that they could do something special was not lost on the Red Team players. Being back-to-back National Champions was, after all, the goal at the beginning of the season. But just as the first championship, this one would have to be earned. The title game featured Oak Hill Red vs. Covenant Christian Ministries from Georgia. From the start of the game this felt like a heavyweight battle, with both teams trading blows. Oak Hill found its rhythm because of tremendous s defense and rebounding provided by Donovan Saine and Aidan Stenner. The lead changed throughout the second half and both teams held a lead in the fourth quarter, looking to clinch a National Championship. With clutch shooting from deep by Oliver Lynch-Daniels and consistent free throw shooting from Graeme Majors, the Red Team sealed the game 65-58, and therefore accomplished a team goal of Back-to-Back National Championships. Scoring from the game: Oliver Lynch-Daniels 20; Donovan Saine 15; Graeme Majors 11; Aidan Stenner 9; Michael Odiana 4; Akrum Ahemed 4; Damani McEntire 3.

After the championship game, the NACA Tournament announced All-Tournament Teams and Most Outstanding Players. For Oak Hill Academy Camden Hughes, Aidan Stenner and Oliver Lynch-Daniels were named All-Tournament with Oliver Lynch-Daniels being named Most Outstanding Offensive Player for the second year in a row.

Red Team Captain, Lynch-Daniels signs with Houston Baptist


 L-R: Ty-Shon Alexander (Creighton), Oliver Lynch-Daniels (Houston Baptist), Devontae Shuler (Ole Miss), and Lindell Wigginton (Iowa State).

On November 9, 2016, Oak Hill Red Team Senior Oliver-Lynch Daniels signed his National Letter of Intent to play Division I Basketball for Houston Baptist University. Oliver is a 3-year member and 2-year captain of the Oak Hill Red Team. Oliver is pictured above alongside Oak Hill’s Gold Team players.

For a full article from Houston Baptist University’s athletics website click here.

Red Team Game Updates

Coach Mike Burns updates us on the early games of the season:

Red Team continues strong start before Thanksgiving Break

After a 2-0 start to the season, the Red Team looked to continue the early winning streak with games against Combine Academy and Mountain Mission School, with both games taking place before Thanksgiving Break.

On November 8th, the Red Team took the court against Combine Academy at historic Turner Gymnasium on Oak Hill’s campus. The game started with frenetic pace which allowed Oak Hill Red to end the first quarter with a 27-3 lead. As the second quarter began it was more of the same for Oak Hill Red as the half ended with a 54-20 lead. Coming out of halftime it was important for Oak Hill Red to continue the high-intensity defense and not allow Combine back into the game. Oak Hill Red established dominant defensive pressure in the second half and closed out the wire to wire win with a final score of 95-56.

Scoring from the game: Oliver Lynch-Daniels – 22; Camden Hughes – 12; Graeme Majors – 10; Damani McEntire – 10; Josh Hall – 10; Akrum Ahemed – 7; Umberto Brusadin – 6; Shamar Henry – 5; Alex Stenner – 4; Donovan Saine – 4 (also 11 rebounds); Sean Oberman – 3; Michael Odiana – 2.
IMG_1962 IMG_1953 IMG_2006


The fourth game of the season featured Oak Hill Red versus Mountain Mission School on November 12th, a rematch of the 2016 NACA National Championship. Oak Hill Red looked to stay undefeated and knew the game would be a battle from the tip, however it was evident from the beginning that Oak Hill Red’s new defensive identity would be too much for Mountain Mission to handle: at the half the score was Oak Hill Red 60, Mountain Mission 19. As the second half began Oak Hill Red continued with the defensive pressure, ultimately finishing the game with 31 team steals. The game ended with a final score of Oak Hill Red 113, Mountain Mission 48.

Throughout the game the Oak Hill Red Coaches (Hebold and Burns) continued to comment about how unselfish the team looked. Oak Hill Red finished the game wit 29 assists on 55 made shots. The unselfish play also allowed Oak Hill Red to be efficient from the field shooting 64% from the field and 46.7% from three. The Oak Hill Red Team finished the first part of the season 4-0 and play again on December 2nd against Myrtle Beach Christian Academy at 7 pm at Turner Gymnasium.

Scoring from the game: Michael Odiana – 18; Damani McEntire – 14; Akrum Ahemed – 13; Josh Hall – 12; Oliver Lynch-Daniels – 9; Aidan Stenner – 8; Umberto Brusadin – 8; Shamar Henry – 7; Sean Oberman – 6; Camden Hughes – 5; Donovan Saine – 4; Graeme Majors – 3; Alex Stenner – 2; Bryce Radford – 2; Idrissa Sow – 2.

Oak Hill Academy’s Red Team tops Believe Prep in season opener 11.1.16

The Red team of the Oak Hill Academy Warriors began this year’s basketball season with a win over Believe Prep of South Carolina 74-45 on November 1st.

Thanks to Ms. Sargent and the yearbook staff for the photo contributions.

Game video available on “Oak Hill Red Team” YouTube channel here.

Game play-by-play audio available at (under “Showreel Items”) here.

Red Team Gets Started With Two Tough Wins

Update provided by Coach Mike Burns:

The Red Team finished the first week of the regular season 2-0 with wins over Believe Prep Academy and Moravian Prep. In the game against Believe Prep the Red Team was paced by senior captains Graeme Majors and Oliver Lynch-Daniels. Majors finished the game with 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 steals, while Lynch-Daniels finished with 14 points, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists. Another key player in the Believe Prep game was Donovan Saine who finished with 8 points and 9 rebounds, a solid Oak Hill debut for the junior. The final score was Oak Hill Red – 74, Believe Prep Academy – 45.

Red Team Graeme 2Red Team Senior, Graeme Majors brings the ball up the floor against Believe Prep.

In the second game of the week, against a good Moravian Prep team, the Red Team again looked to senior leadership, this time coming from the bench in Aidan Stenner. As soon as Stenner checked into the game it was evident that a career night could be in the making. After a hot start, Stenner finished with 25 points (10/13 from the field). Not to be outdone, senior captain Oliver Lynch-Daniels finished the game with 26 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. Senior Michael Odiana also chipped in 8 points and had 2 steals. The final score was Oak Hill Red – 85, Moravian Prep – 63.

Red Team Aiden

 Aidan Stenner drives to the basket.

These early games allowed veterans to pick up where they left off, having a NACA Division 2 National Championship, but also exposed the new Red Team members to the tough competition that will be seen throughout the season. As these two contests displayed some strong offensive performances, the true team identity is found in the consistent and intense team defense. If the team continues to perform at a high level, this season could be as magical as the last. The Red Team has two games before Thanksgiving break, November 8th against Combine Academy and November 12th against Mountain Mission School.

Red Team Update: Heading into Pre-Season

Coach Burns shares this report from the recent attendance of the showcase in North Carolina by four of our Red Team players:

On October 9th, 2016, a few players from the Oak Hill Red Team ventured off the mountain to Greensboro, North Carolina, to participate in the Phenom 150 Showcase. This showcase allows players to play with athletes from other high schools and to be honestly evaluated by the Phenom Hoop Staff. The players from OHA participating in this year’s showcase included seniors Oliver Lynch-Daniels, Camden Hughes, and Graeme Majors, along with sophomore Bryce Radford.oliver

The standouts of the day were Oliver Lynch-Daniels and Camden Hughes. Oliver was touted as one of the hardest-working players at the showcase, while displaying a high skill level in all aspects of the game. One evaluator stated, “By the end of Sunday, everybody was talking about how complete a player he was, and every opposing coach found himself in awe of his talents. The ‘flashiness’ of his game isn’t what has everyone buzzing–it’s his ability to do absolutely everything on the basketball floor extremely well and at 110%. There are truly no holes in Lynch-Daniels’ game, on either end of the ball; he scores, passes, defends, and rebounds all at really high levels.” At the end of the day, Oliver had a scoring average of 16.7 points per game, while also being named game MVP multiple times.

The other standout, Camden Hughes, was praised for his ability to shoot the ball well from deep while playing hard and maintaining a high I.Q. The exact words by one evaluator: “The lefty lead guard showed deep range and great touch on his jump shot. He handled the ball well and played with a great motor and IQ. Hughes transferred to play his senior season at Oak Hill; the move looks to have been a good one.” Camden was extremely productive throughout the day, averaging 17.3 points per game, and was named Game MVP for every game.

While Oliver and Camden left lasting impressions at the showcase, Graeme and Bryce will not be soon forgotten, either. Graeme Majors made crafty plays from the guard position throughout the day, leading with a high basketball I.Q. and making jump shots consistently. Graeme also walked away with two Game Co-MVPs. The lone sophomore Bryce Radford, was able to display his ability to be a constant threat from the perimeter, but also made sure to leave an impact on the defensive side of the ball. Though he was one of the youngest competitors in attendance, Bryce exhibited great maturity on the floor.

Oak Hill Red Team looks to rely on these four guys along with a full roster of other talented players as the season starts and progresses. The chemistry between teammates is growing, and practices are gaining intensity with each day. A complete write-up of the evaluations and the games from the weekend can be found at:



2016-17 Oak Hill Academy Red Team Roster Announced

As school started back at Oak Hill Academy, the chatter around campus consisted of summer activities, class schedules, and plans for a new school year. Not lost in all of the chatter was the excitement for a new Red Team season and questions of who will make the team. Every school year the Red Team holds open tryouts for any student enrolled at Oak Hill Academy. Typically a tryout consists of physical conditioning tests while also being evaluated for live game basketball skill. This year the tryouts took place over a two-week period which allowed the coaching staff to thoroughly evaluate each potential player. After much deliberation the Red Team coaching staff would like to announce the 2016-2017 Oak Hill Academy Red Team.


Name                                                             Position           Grade

Oliver Lynch-Daniels                                     Guard                        12th

Graeme Majors                                              Guard                         12th

Aidan Stenner                                                Forward                     12th

Alex Stenner                                                   Forward                     12th

Umberto Brusadin                                        Guard                         12th

Camden Hughes                                            Guard                         12th

Shamar Henry                                               Guard                         12th

Michael Odiana                                             Guard                          12th

Donovan Saine                                              Forward                      11th

Sean Oberman                                              Forward                      11th

Akrum Ahemed                                            Guard                          11th

Idrissa Sow                                                    Forward                      11th

Damani McEntire                                        Forward                       11th

Bryce Radford                                              Guard                           10th

Josh Hall                                                       Forward                        10th

Logan Houle                                                 Guard                             9th


The 2016-2017 Red Team will kick off their season on November 1st, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. at Turner Gymnasium in Mouth of Wilson, VA. Good luck to the Red Team during the long season that is Oak Hill Academy Basketball.