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(All elective options are listed, but will be offered depending on
student interest.)

ENGLISH (Must complete four units.)
English 8 (No high school credit)
English 9*
English 10*
English 11*
English 12*
CC1 College Composition ENG 111/112 (may be substituted for English 12)
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (taken in addition to English
courses) :

FOREIGN LANGUAGE (Must complete one unit of a Foreign Language for the Standard Diploma, and three units of the same language, or two units each in two different languages, for an Advanced Studies Diploma. Many four-year colleges require two units of the same foreign language.) Students whose native language is not English have met this foreign language requirement, and replace these courses with ESOL classes.
Spanish 1*
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Spanish 5  

MATHEMATICS (Must complete three units for the Standard Diploma, and four units–the fourth must be a course beyond Algebra 2–for the Advanced Studies Diploma. Certain colleges/universities require the fourth math unit.) NOTE: Every math student is required to have a graphing calculator:  A Texas Instruments 84 Plus (TI-84 Plus) model is recommended, and may be purchased at home or at the Oak Hill Academy Campus Store.  We do not allow TI-89 models or higher.
Algebra 1, Part 1 ½ Credit
Algebra 1, Part 2 ½ Credit
Algebra 1*
Algebra 2*
Algebra 2
Algebra 3/Trigonometry
CC1 Pre-Calculus, online hybrid, MTH 163/164 (11-12)
CC1 Statistics, online, MTH 241/242
AP Calculus AB

SCIENCE (Must complete three units, including Biology)
Earth Science
Biology *
Physical Science – Students must be enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher concurrently.
Chemistry – Students must be enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher concurrently.
Physics – Students must be enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher concurrently.
AP Physics 1 – Students must have completed Algebra 2.

SOCIAL STUDIES (Must complete four units Social Studies and one unit Religion.)
World Geography (8-10)*
Ancient World History (8-10)*
Modern World History (10-11) (may be substituted for World Geog. or Ancient World Hist.)
African American History (10-12)
Social Justice in History (10-12)
History through Music (10-12)
World Cultures (10-12)
U.S. History* (11)
CC1 U.S. History HIS 121/122 (11-12) (may be substituted for U.S. History)
U.S. Government* (12)
Bible as Literature (11-12)*
Christian Ethics (11-12) (may be substituted for Bible as Literature)
Survey of World Religions (12) (may be substituted for Bible as Literature)

COMPUTER/TECHNOLOGY (Must complete one unit Computer/Tech or one unit Fine Arts.)
Keyboarding/Intro. to Computer Applications
Graphic Design
Yearbook (Camera required.)
Creative Business Media and Web Design
Advanced Engineering and Technology
Broadcast Media Communications

FINE ARTS (Must complete one unit of Fine Arts or one unit of Computer/Tech.)
AP Studio Art (Teacher recommendation required.)
Graphic Design
Beginning Guitar
String Band (Advanced)
Music Lab (Advanced)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Must complete two units.)
Health/Physical Education Part 1*
Health/Physical Education Part 2
Boys’ Advanced Fitness
Girls’ Advanced Fitness
Foundations of Basketball
Beginning Horsemanship
Advanced Horsemanship

Study Skills Lab
Math Skills for SAT Success
Critical Reading Foundations (8-10)
Critical Reading for SAT Success (10-12)
Writing for College (10-12)
Speech and Communication in the 21st Century (10-12)
21st Century Journalism (9-12)

CC1 denotes a class that may be taken for both high school and college credit.  The tuition and textbook fees for college credit classes are set each year by Wytheville Community College.  Students registering for these courses must take a placement test administered at OHA by staff from Wytheville Community College.

*Denotes a course required for graduation.

Courses listed in bold print are Honors Courses. Students may contract with their teachers to take additional courses for Honors designation.

All courses given high school credit are counted equally in the grade point average, which is unweighted.

Each course awards high school credit unless otherwise indicated.