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Currently accepting applications from both domestic and international students interested in Fall 2016 enrollment.

Mr. Mike Rodgers
Director of Admission

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There is no such thing as an underachieving child…only an unmotivated one.

Choosing a boarding school as a fit really centers on one important question:  How will this experience (and investment) help my student grow?  At Oak Hill Academy, our unique position in the boarding school world means that we are working with families that, in addition to academic growth, are also seeking personal growth or maturation for their student who may be struggling in their current setting.  This struggle may be causing frustration in the classroom, in family dynamics, or with their peers.  Attending Oak Hill Academy represents an opportunity for students to change their environment, and in the process, change their trajectory.

Oak Hill Academy is a “Turning Point” for students, and has been since 1878.  Here are a few ways this is accomplished:

*Class sizes are small, and relationships with supportive teachers and classmates are a game changer.

*Dorm life is structured and promotes responsibility. There are quiet hours for study and healthy boundaries for cell phone and social media use that limit distractions.

*Ours is a small college-like campus where students become engaged in activities, sports and clubs, and in positive peer relationships.

*Sunday church services and non-mandatory (but popular) Youth Group offer opportunities for spiritual growth.

*Confidence and self-esteem is developed through finding success away from home and outside of students’ comfort  zones, but in a supportive and structured school environment.  Our students come to “own” their success and to redefine themselves.

Complete the form below to find out more and to begin a conversation about your student.  I look forward to following up promptly.

Best regards,
Mike Rodgers
Director of Admission