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by Tobi Salami ’20, 21st Century Journalism class

On Wednesday, February 27th, the final segment of the Oak Hill Academy 2019 Spirit Days occurred. It featured Spirit Dress Day as well as the “Feats of Strength” competition. Students and faculty came to school wearing outfits consisting of the school’s colors: red, white, black and gold. “The whole school came out ready to support their class and show some school spirit. It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm of the student body,” stated Lauren Oberman ‘20.

The “Iron Lady” contest was conducted during Homeroom. The competitors were Kyra Souliere ’19, Jade Renaud ’20, Erin Bunn ’21 and Arthurline Mulbah ’22. Though it was a very tough competition, Jade won and put the junior class in the lead. She was followed by Kyra, who placed second, Erin, who came in third place and Arthurline who finished fourth. With the class scores very close, everyone anticipated the rest of the strength events to be held in the afternoon.

The junior class dominated the day’s competitions, winning events such as the Free Throw challenge, the Sack Race relay, the Tug of War, the Class Cheer and the singing of the OHA Alma Mater. Candace Drew ’22, in shock, commented, “The juniors really participated with a winning effort, and I am happy for them.”The sophomores were a close second, winning the Barefoot Clothing relay, in which competitors had to put on oversized clothing and  run across the gym, take off the clothes and hand them off to a teammate, who had to put them on before running their leg of the race. Breaking an earlier winning tradition (for the second year in a row), the seniors placed third, winning events like the Battle Ropes and the Jump Rope competition. Though the 8th/9th graders did not win any events, they competed strongly with their effort and good teamwork. The class of ’20, who won last year as sophomores, emerged victorious once again as juniors and won a day off from Saturday School!