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by Lauren Oberman ’20, 21st Century Journalism class

Mo sends a stone across the floor for the sophomores.

As part of the Spirit Days events, Oak Hill Academy recently added “floor curling.” Basically, the objective is to take the “stone” and slide it into the “house”–a white mat with a target of three circles in red, white, and blue. Although these circles do not mean different points, the closer you are to the blue, the better. Curling is usually played on ice, but Oak Hill acquired modified equipment to allow for play on the gym floor. The stones are set on casters to slide across the gym floor smoothly.  Brooms are used to sweep the path of the stones in an effort to control their speed and direction.

This year’s curling competition took place last Wednesday and featured teams of four, including at least one girl and one faculty member. The 8th/9th grades team was Landon Fisher, Arthurline Mulbah, Andy Rosen and Ms. Bronson. The sophomore team included Andie Schultz, Andrew Baker, Mo Alahmary and Mr. Massey. Representing the juniors were Lauren Oberman, Christen Reeves, Jade Renaud and Mr. Doan. Finally, the senior team participants were Kalab Haimanot, Tobias Rotegaard, Kyra Souliere and Mr. Wymer.

The first round saw the juniors vs. the 8th/9th grades. The game started off slow with no points scored in the first round, but eventually the juniors came out on top with a score of 2-1 in the sudden death round.

The junior curlers took first!

The second matchup was seniors vs. sophomores.  Kyra Souliere ’19 said, “I had a lot of fun curling. We didn’t win, but I really enjoyed playing.” It was a very intense match with Mr. Massey and Andie Schultz leading the sophomores to take the win with a 5-3 score.

Playing for third place were the 8th and 9th grades vs. the seniors. The underclassmen scored 2 points to take 3rd place, giving the seniors 4th. In the last matchup, between the sophomores and juniors, Lauren Oberman and Christen Reeves led the scoring with 3 points for the juniors, while Mr. Doan and Jade Renaud played a great defensive game, preventing the sophomores from scoring. Christen Reeves ’20 exclaimed, “I didn’t do the best in the first game, but we came back in the second. It was a lot of fun!”

Congrats to the juniors for winning first place and to the sophomores who came in second!