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From the President’s Office at Oak Hill Academy

Michael D. Groves, Ph.D.

President, Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy is now in Phase 4 of our COVID re-opening plan. Our nurses have completed innumerable medical screenings and administered multiple tests for COVID throughout our community (e.g., students, faculty, and staff).

Despite all of the challenges we’ve faced, our community has successfully come together to create a safe and supportive “bubble.”

Our comprehensive plan, originally outlined by Dr. Groves on July 29, 2020, is as follows:

Phase 1

From arrival on campus, until testing results are returned and verified negative

  • New students shelter in place in individual rooms within dormitories
  • Meals will be provided to each dorm as a group
  • Orientation and academic instruction will be conducted remotely
  • All students wear masks inside dorms unless in their room alone
  • Social distancing throughout the dorm
  • Maximum of one person in bathroom, game room, or laundry room at a time
  • Any out-of-dorm activity must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs
  • Adults will be present in dormitories 24/7

Anticipated length of Phase 1: 2-3 days

Phase 2

From negative test result, until successfully completing 14 day incubation period — and second round of testing returned and verified negative

  • Students may move around campus
  • Students attend class in person
  • Meals eaten in the cafeteria in shifts
  • All students must wear a mask and practice social distancing unless in their rooms alone
  • No large gatherings
  • Students may use approved outdoor athletic facilities (complying with athletic competition guidelines)

Anticipated length of Phase 2: 14 days

Phase 3

From successful completion of 14 day incubation period, with a negative test result, until 4 weeks after opening of school

  • Students wear masks indoors when there are 15+ people in a space (cafeteria, large classrooms, gym, etc.)
  • Students may be moved from individual rooms to shared rooms with a roommate
  • Approved off-campus trips begin

Anticipated length of Phase 3: 14 days

Phase 4

From 4 weeks after opening, until end of semester

  • Limited large gatherings (all students and staff wear masks)
  • Disinfecting/sanitizing and handwashing around campus
  • Social distancing and mask-wearing eased among students
  • Staff continues wearing masks and practicing social distancing

Anticipated length of Phase 4: through the end of the semester