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From the President’s Office at Oak Hill Academy

Michael D. Groves, Ph.D.

President, Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy is pleased to announce our in-person operation for the 2020-2021 school year. During the fall semester, our school community successfully worked together to create a safe and supportive “bubble” wherein our students could live and learn. We look forward to the continuation of our boarding, in-person education during the 2021 spring semester.

Our comprehensive plan, originally outlined by Dr. Groves on July 29, 2020, is as follows:

Phase 1

From arrival on campus, until testing results are returned and verified negative

  • New students shelter in place in dormitory rooms 
  • Meals will be provided to each dorm as a group
  • Orientation and academic instruction will be conducted remotely
  • All students wear masks inside dorms unless in their room alone
  • Social distancing throughout the dorm
  • Maximum of one person in bathroom, game room, or laundry room at a time
  • Any out-of-dorm activity must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs
  • Adults will be present in dormitories 24/7

Anticipated length of Phase 1: 2-3 days

Phase 2

From negative test result, until successfully completing 14 day incubation period — and second round of testing returned and verified negative

  • Students may move around campus
  • Students attend class in person
  • Meals eaten in the cafeteria in shifts
  • All students must wear a mask and practice social distancing unless in their rooms alone
  • No large gatherings
  • Students may use approved outdoor athletic facilities (complying with athletic competition guidelines)

Anticipated length of Phase 2: 14 days

Phase 3

From successful completion of 14 day incubation period, with a negative test result, until 4 weeks after opening of school

  • Students wear masks indoors when there are 15+ people in a space (cafeteria, large classrooms, gym, etc.)
  • Students may be moved from individual rooms to shared rooms with a roommate
  • Approved off-campus trips begin

Anticipated length of Phase 3: 14 days

Phase 4

From 4 weeks after opening, until end of semester

  • Limited large gatherings (all students and staff wear masks)
  • Disinfecting/sanitizing and handwashing around campus
  • Social distancing and mask-wearing eased among students
  • Staff continues wearing masks and practicing social distancing

Anticipated length of Phase 4: through the end of the semester