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On April 12th, Oak Hill Academy hosted a show by John Greene, a magician, mentalist, and hypnotist. Mr. Greene took an academic approach to his performance, telling us at every step what he was doing and how. But even though he armed us with some knowledge and forewarning, what he did was still quite mysterious and entertaining! He started with some sleight-of-hand magic, then moved to some “mind reading.” Then came the hypnosis, which involved some 20 volunteers from our staff and students. Mr. Greene relaxed his participants, and eventually had a stage full of subjects who looked and responded like they were “under.” With his hypnotic voice, he put the crew through a series of amusing scenarios, leading their actions with his suggestions. The antics were increasingly absurd, and boisterously funny. Audience members and hypnosis participants left amazed, not sure what they just saw and experienced, but certain that it was a lot of fun! Thanks for a memorable evening, John Greene!