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by Lauren Oberman ’21, 21st Century Journalism Class

At Oak Hill Academy, February is the month of “Spirit Days,” a series of special dress-up days and friendly competitions among the classes that brings the whole campus community together for some fun and games. To kick off this year’s event, we dressed with today’s theme–“Pajama Day.” In the afternoon, we participated in “Minute-To-Win-It” events: Oreo Stack Relay, Ping Pong Catch, Egg Roll, Corn Hole Challenge, Water Bottle Flip, Stack-it-Up Penny Challenge, Stocking Head Water Bottle Challenge and the Basketball Shooting Competition. The class team with the most points at the end of the month gets to miss a Saturday school and sleep in!

The Oreo Stack Relay takes a team of two students. One runs the width of the gym, drops to the floor, and grabs an Oreo with his/her mouth (no hands!). The person then runs (Oreo in mouth) back to the other side and delivers the Oreo to his/her teammate, and repeats. The second member of the team, who must stack the Oreos on a table. The object of the game is to see who can create three stacks of five Oreos first.  If a tower falls, the team has to start all over again.This year the seniors came in first, the juniors took second, 8th/9th graders placed third with the sophomores finishing fourth.

The Ping Pong Catch is another two-person team game. The students stand facing each other several feet apart. The point of this game is to bounce a ping pong ball to your partner, who tries to catch it in a cup. Each team must bounce and catch ten ping pong balls, then trade places and bounce and catch ten more ping pong balls. Today’s winner of this challenge was the sophomores, followed by the juniors, then 8th/9th graders and seniors.

The Sophomores try their hands at Corn Hole.

The Egg Roll is another relay-style race pairing one girl and one boy. The teammates stand on opposite ends of the gym and attempt to roll an egg the length of the gym using only a pencil. That’s hard enough, but try it on all fours, holding the pencil in your mouth! The sophomores won this event, with the seniors taking second place, 8th/9th graders coming in third, and the juniors placing fourth.

The Corn Hole Challenge, otherwise known as the “bean bag toss,” is a very simple competition, with points awarded for landing bean bags on the platform or inside the hole. Each grade went head to head in 90-second rounds. This year the sophomores came out on top, and the juniors followed them in second place. The seniors finished third, and the 8th/9th graders finished fourth.

The Water Bottle Flip has become a huge trend in recent years (see YouTube for some crazy variations!). The basic idea of this game is to flip five partially filled plastic water bottles until they land on the table standing upright. The winner of this challenge was the 8th/9th graders, followed by the sophomores. The seniors placed third, and the juniors placed fourth.

Contestants in the “Stocking Head” challenge

The Stack-It-Up Penny Challenge was a new addition to this year’s Spirit Days events. One member from each grade kneeled with one hand behind his/her back, and had to stack pennies into a tower without knocking them down. The sophomores dominated this competition and stacked all 25 pennies first. The junior class was second; 8th/9th graders third; and seniors fourth.

The Basketball Shooting part of the competition was a race to see who could make one layup, one free throw, one 3-point shot, and one half-court shot first. One member from each grade went head to head. This year the 8th/9th graders just edged out the juniors for first. The sophomores finished third and the seniors came in fourth.

The final game of the 2019 Minute-To–Win-It Event was the Stocking Head Water Bottle Challenge. Contestants wear a pair of hose on their heads, with a tennis ball in the foot of one leg. The idea is to swing the tennis ball (no hands) to knock down a series of water bottles. The winner of this year’s Stocking Head Challenge was the seniors, and the juniors followed closely in second. Rounding out the event were the 8th/9th graders in third, and the sophomores in fourth.

We look forward to next week’s installment of OHA “Spirit Days!”