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Equestrian Team and Shows

Riding Lessons

Lenore Equestrian Center on campus houses many horses

Learn care and grooming skills

Afterschool Trail Rides

The Lenore Equestrian Center

Oak Hill Academy is located on 240 picturesque acres in beautiful southwestern Virginia–providing an ideal setting for our Equestrian Program.  Located on the campus, the Lenore Equestrian Center was dedicated on November 1, 2013. This state-of-the-art facility consists of an indoor riding arena, a changing room, an office, and horse stalls. The center is named for Oak Hill friends and patrons John and Dorothy Lenore of El Cajon, California. Additional facilities include a second barn for stabling of the horses, an outdoor riding arena, 60 acres of pasture, and numerous trails and fields for riding. OHA’s combination of natural and manmade features provides the quintessential environment for students to become involved in all aspects of the program.


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Instruction and Trail Rides


Horsemanship Class

Horsemanship is a full-year course designed to teach students the basics in horse care and stable management.  Students may take Horsemanship as one of several P.E. credit options.  The class includes:  the principles of grooming, stable care, nutrition, equine confirmation, and knowledge of the three basic seats of riding.  Students acquire skills from both “hands on” experiences and in-class lectures.

trail riding

Riding Lessons and Trail Riding

Beginner through advanced saddle seat and western riding lessons are offered for an extra fee with an OHA horse or with a student’s privately-owned horse.  Lessons are taught on campus and are offered after school and on some weekends.  A typical lesson lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The number of lessons a student may take per week is pre-arranged with the parent, instructor, and student on an individual basis.

Trail riding around Noonkester Park is offered after school several days a week and on some weekends.  For a nominal, once-a-year fee, any student can participate in trail riding as often as he or she likes.

Oak Hill Academy maintains a variety of horses for showing, lessons, and trail rides.  Our show horses consist mainly of American Saddlebreds, Hackneys, and some Quarter horses. Many of the American Saddlebred horses were donated by John and Dorothy Lenore.  We also own an assortment of horses used primarily for trail riding.  Most of the horses used in the Equestrian Program are donations from patrons of Oak Hill Academy.


Equestrian Team

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For students who are interested in competing in horse shows, Oak Hill Academy maintains a quality string of show horses.  Students who are involved in this more advanced level of riding are required to help care for and maintain the horses they show.  The group travels to shows and participates in local, state, and national levels of competition.  The fees and expenses involved are billed through the student’s expense account.

The Equestrian Program provides many of our students with an exposure to horses they otherwise may not have.  We’re thrilled when students discover a talent, or grow in self-confidence through working with our horses.  For our students who become very committed, it’s great to see the teamwork they develop through the relationships they build, not only with their horse , but also with each other.

Mr. Tim Henry

Equestrian Program Director