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In 1878, Oak Hill Academy was founded with a belief that introducing a foundation and encouraging spiritual growth is an important part of the school’s mission. So we attend, and always have attended, church services–along with the local congregation of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church each Sunday morning.

The student body that attends our Baptist Boarding School is of a very diverse faith background, so our services emphasize respect: Respect for each other’s differences and similarities, and ultimately a respect for community. Attending church and intentionally considering all that goes along with that is an important part of being a student at Oak Hill Academy. It affirms life lessons such as how to behave in a group, how to be on time, how to reconcile personal beliefs within a community, and how to spend some time each weekend in quiet contemplation during a service.

We know that not all of our students want to be in church each Sunday.  We also know that many of our teenagers naturally question the purpose, but we hold the line on this “Evergreen Value”: Church attendance is a valuable part of our students’ growth.

Attending Oak Hill Academy, and boarding school in general for that matter, is not easy. The example of mandatory church attendance is just one way that our students are pushed, and are often outside of their comfort zones. They are learning to get good at the “have to’s” and move beyond the world of just the “want to’s.” Our work is often demanding and difficult, but holding the line on “Evergreen Values” is not just an important tradition, that steadfastness plays a major role in encouraging the character growth we desire for our students. If you are seeking this kind of partnership with a school in providing growth for your student, I invite you to explore Oak Hill Academy further. Please call the Admission Department to discuss your boarding school goals.

Oak Hill Academy Admission Department:  or (276) 579-2619