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Many times, our students don’t fully realize the Turning Point they traversed at Oak Hill Academy until after they’ve moved on to college and beyond.  It is tremendously fulfilling to the faculty and staff to hear from our alumni base about all the amazing things they go on to do.  Recently, our Director of Admission caught up with Lien, a recent Oak Hill Academy graduate, who is already employed in a great job upon early graduation from college.  Lien had fun walking down memory lane and relating many of the things that did not occur to her until she was on the other side of the Oak Hill Academy Turning Point.

The interview below was conducted at the University of South Carolina Alumni Center where Lien is an administrative assistant.  Listen as she shares her journey from hesitant, shy 15-year-old for whom school was not important (and trouble was in sight), to the confident high school senior she became just two years later.  She also articulates the impact Oak Hill Academy has had on her goals and her ability to go after them.  It was so rewarding to hear her share her thoughts on her Oak Hill Academy experience.