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Oak Hill Academy’s mission is to offer a Turning Point opportunity for students seeking personal growth and positive change.  Many of our students come to us to break a pattern of poor school performance that has led them to disengage and become unmotivated.  They’ve reached a crossroads where they recognize that in order to change their direction, a change in environment is needed.  This pivotal realization often comes with a measure of trepidation.  For many, Oak Hill Academy is that place to start anew–with new expectations and a new approach.  For Andre, the objective was not just improved grades, but also an improved self-image.

It is often said that if you want different results, you must change your behaviors.  This is very hard to do without also changing one’s environment, which means new physical surroundings and a new peer group–a fresh start.  Andre exemplifies the Oak Hill Academy student who chooses to attend boarding school, even with a lot of hesitation and some reservations, and seizes the opportunity to adopt a new mindset.  Hear how he explains how Oak Hill Academy has enabled him to redefine his habits and academic outcomes, and to experience success.