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I’m excited to share the first project from our brand new Broadcast Media class under the direction of Mr. Doan.  This class serves many needs for our students in  exploring 21st Century skills, providing hands-on training, and firing their creative energies. The students introduced in the video below will produce content, and broadcast campus events and games that will help our current parents, many of whom live thousands of miles away (and in other countries), feel more connected to experiences on The Hill. We are excited by this new course addition, which, along with our new 21st Century Journalism Class, reflect our commitment to providing a relevant, engaging, college-preparatory curriculum for our students.


In admissions, I’m always looking for ways to introduce our students to prospective students and their families.  “Who” we are is just as impressive as “What” we are as a school.  This first Broadcast Media project, under the direction of Will ’20, gives an overview of the class’s goals and a behind-the-scenes look at their process.  It also highlights the personalities our students bring to our campus.  We are all looking forward to the content coming out of this new course offering.  Tune into to follow live and archived broadcasts of campus events throughout the school year.   Lights. Cameras. Action!