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by Tobi Salami ’20, 21st Century Journalism class

Energy and anticipation were high on Thursday, April 18th, as the Oak Hill Academy chapter of the National Honor Society inducted its newest members. Students who have shown leadership, academic excellence, service and character were chosen unanimously by a faculty committee.

This year’s inductees were: Molly Williams’ 19; Candice Zhang ’19; Christen Reeves ’20; Tobi Salami ’20; Lauren Oberman ’20; Delaney Heard ’20; Dillon Phipps ’20; Dylan Cardwell ’20; Susheel Vishwa ’20; and Erin Bunn ’21. There was a candlelighting ceremony that represented the passing of the torch of excellence from last year’s inductees to this year’s inductees. The new members repeated after Dr. Groves the pledge of the National Honor Society, and with that, the students were sworn in.

Proud families and friends were in attendance to support their loved ones. Christen Reeves, one of the inductees, was “not expecting my family at all” and felt “really glad” that his family surprised him.