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Laptop Program

At Oak Hill Academy each student is required to carry a laptop computer purchased through the OHA Business Office.  (See “Laptop Program Details,” below; cost details are noted in tuition information.)

Program Goals:

1) As a college preparatory school, Oak Hill Academy seeks to enhance each student’s academic experience by providing access to the Internet and by teaching responsible use of technology.

2) In conjunction with the OHA mission, the needs of our students, and the wishes of our parents and guardians, Oak Hill Academy seeks to manage the content and subject matter accessed by students via the Internet.

Laptop Program Details:

  • Every student is required to use a laptop purchased through the school of the same make and model (this enables the requisite management of Internet accessibility and assists OHA Technology Department in laptop repair).
  • Every student “owns” his/her laptop. Every student will use the same laptop throughout his/her OHA tenure and will retain it upon departure from OHA.
  • The laptops are the only computers (or devices used to access the Internet) allowed or needed on campus.
  • Laptops are made by Dell; software is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Every student has access to wireless connections to the Internet in designated areas of campus.  This access includes the entirety of the Academic Building and in the common areas of all dormitories.
  • All computers are filtered to prevent access to inappropriate sites.
  • All students have access to e-mail.