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Tuition, Room, Board, Fees                                $  53,848
Expense/Allowance Account Deposit                   4,000
Uniform Fee (New Students Only)                         1,652

TOTAL DUE OAK HILL ACADEMY            $ 59,500.00

As a part of the enrollment fees, the student is provided the Tuition Refund Plan to protect your tuition commitment against unforeseen withdrawals or dismissals. 

Payment should be made by wire transfer directly to our bank.  Please contact Rhonda Bowen, Director of Financial Affairs for wiring instructions.

Oak Hill Academy requires all international students to be covered by medical insurance.  We can obtain this for the student at a cost of approximately $1000 for the nine-month term, charged to the expense account.  If the student has previous coverage, we must have proof of the policy prior to August 5th.

International students must have on deposit funds to cover expenses such as allowance, travel, testing fees, clothing, supplies, and telephone expenses.  These funds must remain on deposit with Oak Hill Academy and are managed by the Business Office. It is strongly recommended that international students have a credit/debit card to use for personal shopping, personal expenses, and travel incidentals. 

Contact:  Rhonda H. Bowen, Director of Financial Affairs,