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Now accepting international student applications for 2020-2021 enrollment.

International Students

For more than half a century students from other nations have studied at Oak Hill Academy.  International students are welcome and play an important part in shaping our community. Approximately 20% of students enrolled each term are from foreign countries.  In recent years our international population has included students from the Bahamas, Greece, Spain, Belgium, South Korea, Poland, China, Hungary, Japan, Canada, Liberia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Colombia, Senegal, Taiwan, Dominica, Nigeria, England, and Barbados.

The focus of our international curriculum is to prepare students for an American college or university.  Our classrooms offer a unique combination of challenging academics within a nurturing and supportive environment.  The personalized attention we offer allows each student to progress at his/her own pace.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I apply to Oak Hill Academy?

A.   Here is a checklist that should be helpful. You must send us the following:

Q.  What testing is required?

A.  In order to place students in the correct level of ESL instruction, we will review students’ TOEFL scores, if available, in conjunction with teacher evaluation once students arrive at Oak Hill Academy.  The TOEFL is required by colleges and universities for admission of any student whose first language is not English, therefore our juniors and seniors are required to take the TOEFL examination.  We will register and transport students to the TOEFL exam, which is in a city near our campus.  Students may choose to take the exam in their home countries during the summer vacations.

Q.  Which airport should I use when traveling?

A.  All flights should be made to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina, located a 2½ hour drive from the campus.  OHA provides transportation to and from the airport for a fee.

Q.  Will I have an American roommate?

A.  Unless otherwise requested, every effort is made to assign you an American roommate.

Q.  Will I be enrolled in an ESL (English as a Second Language) class?

A.  Yes. Our multi-level ESL program provides the English language skills students need for success in a U.S. university. See details of the program below.

Q.  Do I need medical insurance?

A.  Yes.  All international students must have medical insurance.  Unless you provide proof of insurance coverage prior to enrollment, we will purchase insurance for you.

Q.  Can I stay on campus during school holidays?

A.  There are three major holidays scheduled during the school year when the dormitories are closed and all students must leave campus—Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December, and Spring Break in March.  It is recommended that students have pre-arranged plans for these holidays.

English as a Second Language

Three levels of ESL are offered at Oak Hill Academy.

English as a Second Language 1 and 2

Oak Hill Academy welcomes new and returning international students to the Language Enrichment Center where English language learning is provided on a daily basis through the English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses. The purpose of ESL 1/2 is to provide English instruction for nonnative speakers of English. Students will develop English proficiency through the areas of speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Emphasis will be on developing proficiency in three major areas: social language, academic language, and socio-cultural knowledge. Students will participate in activities to develop competence in English through social interaction and academic achievement. Levels of English proficiency will range from basic to intermediate.

English as a Second Language 3

The purpose of ESL 3 is to provide English instruction for students who have achieved intermediate to high intermediate levels of English proficiency. Students will focus on speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Emphasis will be on speaking and reading proficiency in the major areas of social language, academic language, and socio-cultural knowledge. Students participate in activities to develop competence in English through social interaction and academic achievement using and understanding English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.


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