Our School

How many students are enrolled at Oak Hill Academy?
Each year Oak Hill Academy enrolls up to 150 high school students (grades 8-12). We are small by design and 100% boarding, enabling us to provide personal attention to each student and family.

Is Oak Hill Academy a diverse school?
Yes! We create a welcoming community of students of all backgrounds from around the United States and throughout the world. Our students come from 20+ states and about 10 different countries.

Is Oak Hill Academy a “basketball school?”
We are a co-educational, college-preparatory high school for students in grades 8-12. While it is true that dozens of NBA players have attended Oak Hill throughout the years, all OHA students are encouraged to develop their academic and extra-curricular abilities — from basketball to equestrian — and everyone participates in at least one club or sport each grading period.

Life as a Student Here

What do students do on the weekends?
Students participate in socials, off-campus trips, and special activities throughout the year.

Do students wear school uniforms?
Yes. During the academic day, students wear “school dress,” consisting of navy or khaki pants, shorts, black skorts, polo shirts, and pullovers. Students purchase a Uniform Package and wear the particular pieces of their choice each day. Students wear their own “relaxed” clothing (e.g., jeans, sweats, and T-shirts) during non-academic hours, and wear “Sunday dress” (jackets and ties for boys, skorts and sweaters for girls) for worship attendance and special functions. All school uniform items (including shoes and a winter coat) are purchased through our admission process and are disbursed on campus during orientation.

Is there a mandatory study hall?
Yes. All students observe “quiet time” in their rooms from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.