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Boarding School • Co-Ed College Prep • Grades 8-12

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Oak Hill Academy is a co-ed college prep boarding school for grades 8-12.
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A Home Away from Home

Oak Hill Academy is a home away from home for students from every background, from different states, and from across the world.

What do they all have in common? Here on “The Hill,” they learn, they grow, and they transform their futures.

Our small, co-ed boarding school offers structured independence, small class sizes, and individualized academic support for every type of student.

Oak Hill is the destination for academic and personal growth. Contact us today and find out how students can discover their potential here on “The Hill.”

Why Choose Boarding School?

Fewer Distractions

With limited distractions and structured free time, our students have more energy and greater focus on their academic studies.

Supportive Community

Our small, tight-knit community helps students develop key interpersonal skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Unparalleled Growth

Our approach to personal and academic growth gives students a head start, both in their studies and the way they carry themselves as mature young adults.

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