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The Lenore Equestrian Center is our state-of-the-art facility with both an indoor and outdoor riding arena.

Oak Hill Academy

Equestrian Program

Our 270-acre campus contains an equestrian center, 60 acres of open pasture, miles of paths, and a variety of horses for both trail riding and competitive riding.

The Equestrian Program is open to all, and can be personalized for any student with an interest in riding.

3 Ways to Ride 

Student riding in equestrian competitionCompetitive Riding

Advanced riders care for and maintain show horses — and travel to local, state, and national competitions.

Student riding the trails at Oak HillTrail Riding

After school and on weekends, students can enjoy trails throughout Noonkester Park.

Student grooming a horse at the barnRiding for Credit

Beginning Horsemanship and Advanced Horsemanship can be incorporated into your academic schedule.

“The Equestrian Program provides many of our students with an exposure to horses they otherwise may not have. We’re thrilled when students discover a talent, or grow in self-confidence through working with our horses. For our students who become very committed, it’s great to see the teamwork they develop through the relationships they build, not only with their horse, but also with each other.”

Tim Henry

Equestrian Program Director

Request Information:

For an immediate response call 276-579-2619.