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Because of Oak Hill Academy’s particular mission of providing a Turning Point for students who are not experiencing the kinds of success of which they are capable, this is actually a busy time of year for us in the Admission Department.  We are currently considering applications for the January 3, 2017, start of the second semester.

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I take a lot of personal satisfaction in providing an option for families seeking a solution to a set of problems for their student and we want to be found right at the time when a family is looking for this solution.  This is the situation for many of our student success stories:  Needing a change to either salvage the school year, or finally becoming committed to making a change, this is the time of year that many of our families find us.  The beginning of the second semester (January 3, 2017) is a natural starting point at Oak Hill Academy.

I’m often asked, “What kinds of student families do you hear from at this time of the year?” Or, “Who comes to Oak Hill Academy midway through the year?”  Today, I’d like to address these questions, as they may be yours, too.

  • Our very intentional rolling admission policy fits our mission.  We are the school for students seeking a turning point.  At this time of the year, many students have grown tired of the feeling of “untapped potential.”  They want to throw off the “underachiever” label.  They want more for themselves.  They don’t always come to that conclusion neatly in a traditional spring/summer admission cycle.
  • The first half of a school year is often a time of new peer groups and I have a lot of conversations with parents who express a concern and desire for a more positive group of friends for their child.  While we are not a school for “troubled kids,” many of our families come to us looking at boarding school as a fresh start socially.
  • Many of my calls this time of the year also involve a frustration with academic performance (grades).  Commitments made during the summer to doing homework, using good study habits, and overall academic engagement may be going unfulfilled during the first semester, and the need for change becomes apparent.  I also receive calls looking for a school where learning differences and a structure that provides the tools for dealing with learning challenges is the goal.  Many of our students come to us with an IEP and accommodations that are already available in our classroom setting.

If you are reading this now, chances are you are looking for this type of turning point for your child and you may not be willing to wait through another school year.  Please know that I welcome a conversation about what we do well here and learning about your goals for a good college prep boarding school fit for your student. 

Please complete the inquiry form below, or simply call to start this important conversation.